Procinal Medellín Upgrades to Christie Laser RGB

Procinal Medellín has announced an upgrade to Christie Laser RGB projectors through the system integrator CES Plus. The robust partnership between CES Plus and Procinal Medellín over the years has been a key factor in delivering the cinematic experience to its audience. Juan Carlos Mayungo, chief executive officer of Procinal Medellín, decided to opt for Christie Laser RGB projectors through CES to bring laser projection to their 80 locations. Procinal Medellín anticipates that this collaboration will further strengthen its position in the entertainment industry in the region.

“The choice of Christie Laser RGB projectors through CES represents a crucial step in our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional cinematic experiences to our cherished audience,” stated Juan Carlos Mayungo. “Our years-long collaboration with CES has allowed us to fully trust their technical expertise and their ability to tailor the right solutions to our needs.”

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