Qube Cinema’s Cloud-Based Content Delivery System WireTAP To Supply 75% of Middle East Cinemas By End of Year

Digital cinema technology company Qube Cinema is on track to supply three-quarters of Middle Eastern cinemas with their internet-based content delivery system WireTAP by the end of 2020, the company announced Thursday.

The in-theater appliance uses the cloud to securely deliver and access films, trailers, and other cinema content. Qube says that 60 percent of Middle Eastern cinemas currently use the devices, and estimates that number will rise to 75 percent by the end of December, thanks to a deal with the Dubai-based Novo Cinemas.

“We have tried to take advantage of the time that the pandemic has given us to work on ways to bring about a real change in the way content is moved,” Qube’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Nigel Dennis said in a company press release. “So far, studios and distributors of all sizes have been really happy with our service, and we’ll continue soliciting their feedback to improve how we work together in future.”

To sign up or for more information, visit www.qubewire.com.

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