RealD and Harkness Screens Partner on Precision White Technology

RealD and Harkness Screens are partnering to bring a new line of 3D screen technology to cinemas around the world. The two companies are working together to engineer Precision White Technology (PWT) for cinema screens, available in 2D and 3D formats. The PWT image quality provides a smooth texture and clear image on the white screen with 1.4 and 2.0 gain that will soon be internationally available to cinemas. 

Travis Reid, the Chief Operating Officer of RealD, states, “We have a long and valued partnership with Harkness Screens and are delighted to be able to announce today this latest development in our relationship with them.”

“PWT is a wonderful piece of technology which is perfect for a wide range of auditoria and I am excited to be able to include it as part of our portfolio available to all Harkness’ customers,” adds Harkness Screens CEO Mark Aschroft. “We work hard to find the right solution for all of our commercial partners, and in conjunction with RealD, we believe that PWT helps us take another step to achieving this goal.”

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