Regal to Re-Close Cinema Locations in New York State, California

Regal's Union Square location in New York City

Regal has announced that they will be temporarily re-closing their theaters in California and New York at the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday, November 12.

The United States’ second largest exhibitor, Regal—along with its U.K.-based parent company Cineworld—temporarily shuttered the vast majority of its locations in October, citing a lack of studio content. However, a handful of Regal cinemas in California either remained open or opened over the following weeks, as individual counties met requirements laid out in late August. Similarly, Regal opened 11 locations in New York State on Friday, October 23rd, the earliest date they were able to do so per state regulations. (Cinemas in the key markets of Los Angeles and New York City are, as of yet, not allowed to reopen.)

In a statement, Regal has confirmed that their remaining locations open in the U.S. (11 in New York and 7 in California, as of October 21) will be closing this week due to a lack of available content. Notes a Regal spokesman:

“In line with our previously announced strategy, Regal is temporarily suspending operations end of day Thursday at the remainder of our theatres in New York State and California until the public health and operational environment allows for the resumption of a full release slate. This change affects a very limited number of our theatres, which we had kept open following the delayed approval of theatre reopenings in their markets and in line with our wish to allow more of our customers to see Tenet on the big screen. Regal will continue to monitor the situation closely in coordination with guidance from public health officials and will communicate any future plans to resume operations when key markets offer more concrete plans on their reopening status and, in turn, studios are able to bring their pipeline of major releases back to the big screen.”

Regal's Union Square location in New York City

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