MoviePass Relaunches Nationwide This Week, in Advance of Summer Blockbuster Season

MoviePass plans and pricing options. Image courtesy: MoviePass.

MoviePass Inc. announced this week it is opening up its subscription service for nationwide availability, to kick off Memorial Day weekend. This reconfigured version of MoviePass was previously available only to those on the waitlist during its beta period.

The company has four subscription plans available at price points, starting at $10/month. Members are able to use their subscription for tickets at any of 4,000+ theater locations that accepts debit cards.

MoviePass is offering four tiered plans, which use a credit-based system to offer different options for the total amount of films per month, allowing members to choose the plan that best suits their viewing habits and budget.

  1. Basic: $10/month, for 1-3 movies per month
  2. Standard: $20/month, for 3-7 movies per month
  3. Premium: $30/month, for 5-11 movies per month
  4. Pro: $40/month, for up to 30 movies per month

“By opening up MoviePass to film lovers nationwide, we are expanding our support of the movie theater industry by helping drive traffic to all theaters during the critical summer season,” MoviePass Co-Founder and CEO Stacy Spikes said in a press release. “Our newly designed service offers our members greater choice and flexibility for how they use their monthly credits, while continuing to encourage them to watch movies in theaters.”

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MoviePass plans and pricing options. Image courtesy: MoviePass.

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