Santikos Entertainment and Trane Announce Annual Energy Usage Reduction

Courtesy of Santikos Entertainment

Trane Technologies and Santikos Entertainment have announced an annual 30% energy savings as a result of comprehensive energy and infrastructure upgrades on six Santikos theaters in the San Antonio area. The annual savings involve 3,800,000 kWh in electricity. Using the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator to convert to carbon metrics, this is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of approximately 340 households. The impact of these improvements can be felt year round, even during the peak summer season of 100+ degree temperatures and extreme humidity. Santikos guests enjoy a comfortable indoor environment, with more closely controlled temperatures and better indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

To meet Santikos’ needs across a range of IEQ measures, including thermal comfort, air quality and acoustics, the new Trane HVAC equipment features advanced ventilation and filtration, and a web-based building management system that can be adjusted in real time from a central location to optimize efficiency and adapt to changing needs posed by the sub-tropical climate and the dramatic changes in theater occupancy throughout the day. In addition to maintaining steady temperature and humidity levels, the Trane system features variable speed technology which eliminates the noise created when traditional equipment switches on and off to maintain temperature—especially beneficial in movie theaters where sound is as important as comfort in the overall guest experience. Trane presented Santikos Entertainment with an Indoor Environment Quality Award for implementing three of the essential elements of IEQ in its theaters, including indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and acoustics.

“We are excited to welcome people back to the theaters and provide a comfortable viewing environment,” said Andrew Brooks of Santikos Entertainment. “Working with Trane, we were able to enhance the experience in our theaters: it’s the sound you hear, the movie you watch, the popcorn you eat and the air you breathe–all of it’s important to us. To deliver on our promise while reducing energy consumption is especially impactful. The Trane Indoor Environment Quality award seal symbolizes the importance we place on the customer experience and the spirit of collaboration, solutions, and responsiveness of our Trane team to help us deliver on that promise.”

“We are honored to collaborate with Santikos Entertainment to help make the San Antonio area a better place,” said Jared Lambert, account manager for Trane. “Their commitment to the community is only equaled by their commitment to guest comfort. We are proud to support both with highly efficient solutions that help create a better indoor environment while reducing energy use, all of which will benefit the community for years to come.”

Courtesy of Santikos Entertainment

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