Screenvision Media Embraces Movio Media Platform To Create Ultimate Value for Advertisers


Los Angeles, CA and Auckland, NZ, March 7th, 2017 – Moviothe global leader in data analytics for the cinema industry, has signed a data licensing agreement with Screenvision Media, a national leader in cinema advertising, for access to its Movio Media platform.  

 Screenvision Media will now have access to the most comprehensive moviegoer data in the industry via Movio Media, which aggregates moviegoer data to provide film distributors, studios and screen advertisers with crucial audience insights as well as highly targeted, cost-effective campaign solutions. Over 14 million active U.S. moviegoers are profiled within Movio Media, from 33% of North American screens of the Large Cinema Circuit (cinemas over 20 screens). 

The relationship will enable Screenvision Media to heighten value for its advertisers through Movio’s strategic moviegoer insights, allowing for more precise targeting and inventory forecastingScreenvision Media will use Movio Media’s two modules to reinforce the impact of cinema across its network of 14,500+ screens in 2,300+ theatres throughout the U.S.: Movio Research to identify target audiences using Movio’s Audience Similarity score and mine movie-going insights, and Movio Engage to enable the attribution measurement from the exposure of cinema ads on brand purchases.

 “This agreement with Screenvision Media highlights the desire of the media industry to understand the movie-going audience,” says Will Palmer, Movio’s Chief Executive and co-founder.  “Screenvision Media will be amongst the first to benefit from the Movio Media enhanced offering, providing deeper insights, elevated campaign targeting and strengthened measurement of advertising effectiveness.”

“The Movio Media platform is very robust, and we’re very impressed with the company’s insightful thought leadership within the cinema and media landscape,” said John McCauley, Chief Strategic Development Officer, Screenvision Media. “We’re looking forward to leveraging Movio’s movie-going data to become even smarter, more targeted and better strategic partners for our advertisers to enhance the value we create for and bring to them.”

Here is a more complete look at Movio Media’s two modules:

Movio Research:

•        The largest movie market research database of U.S. moviegoers, normalized to reflect industry standard benchmarks.  

•        Data provided via an intuitive web portal, updated in near real time.

•        Presents detailed demographic, ethnic, behavioral, film viewership history and transactional profiles and insights for target groups.

•        Reveals true audience profiles for all movies as soon as tickets go on sale, and shows how an audience evolves for films now showing or historical titles.

•        Incorporates Movio’s proprietary Similarity Algorithm to identify best fit ‘comp’ audiences.

Movio Engage:

•        Executes campaigns to a target audience to drive awareness and motivate actions with pinpoint precision and maximum cost effectiveness.

•        Measures incremental revenue from actual transactional responses against control groups in addition to standard delivery metrics.

•        Solicits opinions via pre and post release audience research surveys, combining feedback with demographic and transactional profiles.

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