Shanghai’s WEIN Cinema Installs JBL Audio Systems

Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center


SHANGHAI – March 20, 2019: ACE Film and Television Equipment Co. recently outfitted the WEIN Cinema in Shanghai, Asia’s largest cinema complex, with state-of-the-art JBL by Harman cinema audio systems in 34 separate theaters.

WEIN Cinema is the largest cinema complex in Asia, comprised of 34 theaters occupying a 20,000-square-meter area. WEIN is located within the massive Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, which also contains multiple exhibition halls, a business center, high-end office space and hotels. With more than 5,000 seats total, the WEIN Cinema complex includes a Samsung Onyx LED screen, two IMAX theaters and several themed theaters including a children’s theater, couples’ theater and VIP theater.

WEIN Cinema contracted with ACE Film and Television Equipment Co., a high-end theater brand operated by Dadi Digital Cinema Corporation, to outfit all 34 theaters with JBL and Crown audio systems. ACE installed a range of JBL loudspeaker systems to provide flexible solutions tailored to each individual theater, including JBL ScreenArray loudspeakers positioned behind the screens for primary sound reproduction. JBL 3722N two-way loudspeakers from the ScreenArray line were used in most of the theaters, providing accurate sound reproduction in a compact and cost-effective format. ACE also deployed the three-way JBL 3732 model in certain situations to provide maximum output with minimal distortion and optimal coverage. Other theaters feature JBL 3252N units with dual 15″ low-frequency drivers and Teonex-diaphragm high-frequency drivers in a single enclosure. JBL C222 loudspeakers were used in the smallest theaters, where space limitations required an extra-compact footprint.

ACE installed three different JBL surround loudspeaker models throughout the complex. The JBL 8320 serves as the main surround speaker, with a total of 148 units installed. Other theaters feature the JBL 9400/9410, which offers extended bass response and a proprietary Wave Shaping Vane for precise coverage. In theaters where space was limited, ACE selected 8″ JBL 8281 speakers to provide high power handling and sensitivity in a small package. To supplement the surround systems, fill out the sound and provide extra bass impact, ACE deployed two different types of JBL subwoofers. The main subwoofer in most of the theaters is the JBL 4642A, which contains dual 18″ woofers mounted in a vented-gap configuration for smooth response at the lowest audible frequencies. In certain theaters, ACE selected JBL 4181 subwoofers with 18” dual-coil vented cooling drivers as an alternative.

Crown amplifiers were used exclusively throughout WEIN Cinema. 137 Crown DSi Series power amplifiers, designed specifically for use with the JBL ScreenArray systems, power most of the cinema loudspeakers and provide onboard DSP. Ten Crown XLC Series amplifiers with DriveCore technology were installed in select theaters to provide a more cost-effective solution with lower power consumption without sacrificing performance. Additionally, each of WEIN Cinema’s IMAX theaters features a JBL CPi2000 cinema processor unit, which provides volume control and DSP for all surround speaker channels, 1/3-octave graphic EQ for precise room tuning and system fault detection with redundant outputs in case of power failures.

Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center
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