Sharp NEC Announces Availability of NC2403ML Laser Projector for Medium to Large-Sized Auditoriums

Sharp NEC's NC2403ML RB Laser Projector (Image Courtesy of Sharp NEC Display Solutions)

Sharp NEC Display Solutions has announced the availability of the NC2403ML laser projector, the latest upgraded model in its digital cinema projection series. With an improved, replaceable RB laser module and laser light source lifespan of up to 50,000* hours, this new model is designed for medium and large screens. The company notes that the NC2403ML is also ideal for museums as well as religious and higher education settings.

The NC2403ML is described as “a cost-conscious cinema projection solution” that includes interchangeable laser light sources in the projector head for versatility and future-proofing. The interchangeable laser module can be purchased separately and switched between projector heads for different sized auditoriums. The projector’s improved RB laser module generates 24,000 lumens of brightness and features adjustable brightness levels for 2D and 3D feature films. Its 2K DCI-compliant laser produces an image bright enough to display on screens up to 72 ft/22 m.

“The introduction of the NC2403ML broadens our lineup of next generation, modular laser projectors,” said Richard McPherson, Senior Product Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions.

“Projectors with this replaceable laser module, such as this model and our recently announced NC1803ML, are low-maintenance and provide exhibitors with substantial protection on their investment.”

In addition to improved projection and imaging, the NC2403ML offers flexible placement installation. For more information on Sharp NEC Display Solutions, visit

*The lifetime may vary depending upon environmental conditions and does not constitute the warranty period.

Sharp NEC's NC2403ML RB Laser Projector (Image Courtesy of Sharp NEC Display Solutions)

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