SITO Mobile Launches SITO LABS — a Data as a Service (DaaS) Mobile Marketing Solution


JERSEY CITY, N.J., March 9, 2017 – Today, SITO Mobile Ltd. (NASDAQ: SITO), a leading mobile engagement platform, has introduced SITO LABS (Location Audience Behavioral Sciences), a Data as a Service (DaaS) mobile marketing solution to help marketers analyze and target consumers. Through SITO LABS, marketers will use SITO Mobile’s location-based data to access enhanced behavioral data and analytics about custom audiences and locations.

Screenvision Media, a national leader in cinema advertising, will be SITO LABS’ first customer.

In addition to actual location data, the dynamics of the mobile media ecosystem – hundreds of millions of consumers continuously interacting with mobile devices as they move throughout their day – provides the opportunity for unique two-way information sharing, so insights into consumers’ movements and behaviors can also be analyzed and addressed.  This dynamic data flow provides constantly updated and ever-changing information about consumer preferences and behavior.

The launch of SITO LABS is a first step in recognizing and monetizing the powerful potential of this data asset and is generating additional revenue beyond SITO’s primary media placement and attribution/measurement business.  SITO LABS further leverages the company’s location-based dataset by providing advertisers with additional information about the efficacy of their targeting and conversion efforts.

“SITO Mobile’s launch of SITO LABS represents our initial steps toward productizing and monetizing our owned-and-operated data asset and is part of our broader efforts to leverage the complementary value of our data management platform (DMP) and its powerful location-based mobile data.” said Jon Lowen, SITO Mobile’s EVP of Operations and Product Development. “Our large and growing mobile data DMP provides unique and dynamic insights into mobile consumers’ location-based behavior.  Mobile location-based consumer data extends the insights available to marketers far beyond their traditional CRM tools.”

Lowen continued, “SITO LABS, in combination with our capability to deliver media and report on attribution in real-time, offers our clients an end-to-end marketing and advertising solution that provides increased performance and one platform on which to plan, execute and measure media spend.”

“We’ve made a strong commitment to leveraging mobile and other technologies to elevate our moviegoer insights and in turn, deliver greater value for our clients. We have developed a solid alliance with SITO Mobile over the past few years, and are excited for that relationship to evolve as we continue tapping into the rich data and insights that will be gleaned from SITO LABS,” said John McCauley, Chief Strategic Development Officer, Screenvision Media. “As a company, we are always looking for opportunities to strengthen our audience targeting capabilities for brands. Gathering additional behavioral data points about who comes to the movies each week, and what they do once they leave, is invaluable in this effort.”

SITO Mobile’s owned-and-operated marketing platform provides access to more than 98% of U.S. and Canadian mobile consumers via more than 200,000 of the most popular apps. Additionally, it feeds approximately 4.5 trillion monthly data points through its machine-learning algorithms – thus continuously improving its location-based audience targeting and real time delivery optimization.

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