Social Pulse: ‘Rambo’ Takes Over Facebook

Social Media Snapshot – Monday May 27 to Sunday, June 2

It was a largely quiet week across social media outside of the usual noise from Spider-Man: Far From Home and Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Rambo did have a great trailer debit on Facebook but outside of that lagged thanks to its smaller footprint on Twitter and Facebook. It was also very reassuring to see The Lion King doing so well on Twitter and Facebook, outperforming Aladdin the same distance from its release by over 50%. In this latest edition of our Social Pulse coverage, we take a look at the week’s top headlines in social media tracking.


In an interesting case study of social media marketing Rambo dominated the Facebook charts after not making a dent on Twitter (or Instagram for that matter). The reason for the discrepancy is simple, Rambo has a massive Facebook following  with close to 20 million likes of its official page, whereas its Twitter property has barely 5,000, and Instagram has just over 75,000. As the numbers demonstrate its first trailer was very well received on the service with over 325,000 post shares and 435,000 new likes on the week. The franchise and indeed Sylvester Stallone clearly still has some life in it. The Lion King also had a strong showing on Facebook with another second place finish across most major categories despite just two posts, both of which were in the top 3 of all Facebook posts for tracked films.

Film New Page Likes Posts Post Likes Post Shares
Rambo          32,702 4 437,336         328,877
The Lion King          51,795 2 360,436         244,808
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker          (4,828)11 81,824           15,502
Toy Story 4          (2,345)6 61,618           12,447
Child’s Play             4,308 3 53,194           21,480

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The Lion King30-May9.5
The Lion King30-May8.7
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments


Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker might as well be penciled into the top spot for each week unless an earth shaking trailer or news drops for another film as its massive fanbase of 10 million people simply steamroll the competition on most weeks. It also had the number one individual post on the week to no one’s surprise. Spider-Man: Far From Home did steal some of its thunder on the week though as it nabbed the second and third best single posts on the week as well as the #2 spot in terms of post interactions.

Film New Followers Posts Post Likes Post Interactions
Star Wars           42,815 6 1,481,635         1,489,002
Spider-Man: Far From Home           28,901 3 704,350             711,266
IT Chapter Two             3,692 4 327,425             330,917
Toy Story 4           12,501 9 282,307             284,362
Child’s Play             4,393 3 163,265             167,665

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker30-May9.7
Spider-Man: Far From Home1-Jun9.2
Spider-Man: Far From Home29-May9.0
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments


Spider-Man: Far From Home made it four in a row this past week atop the new page likes table with just under 10,000 new likes. With no new explosive trailers on the week the top post was a birthday greeting from Spidey’s official page to Tom Holland. The Lion King made a big splash for the first time in over a month with a couple simple posts highlighting its impending release. This was a welcomed sign for the film as it did not have a single post last week across the major social media platforms. While Men In Black International didn’t make the top 5 list for new page likes it did have the third largest single post of the week, post like tally (89,732) and post retweet total (13,423).

FilmNew Page LikesPostsPost LikesPost Retweets
Spider-Man: Far From Home          9,858 4 202,118         44,557
The Lion King          6,001 2 116,761         43,269
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker          4,491 13 54,702           8,004
Dark Phoenix          2,636 22 40,864           8,955
Toy Story 4          1,698 6 29,844           7,829

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Spider-Man: Far From Home1-Jun8.7
The Lion King30-May8.5
Men In Black International29-May7.8
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments