Social Pulse: The Lion King Gains Traction

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Social Media Snapshot – Monday June 24 to Tuesday July 2

Trailers led the charts this week. Films boasting new trailers made up for half of the top 5 slots across the three major services tracked; The Lion King’s rise to being in the top 5 across the board is a nice turnaround for a film which didn’t have a single post on any service during a week just a month ago. It has emerged as the next must-see film and very possibly the last triple digit opener we will have until the Holiday season and Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.


Now that Spider-Man: Far From Home is in release, other films have begun to shine. Charlie’s Angels did just that, as it easily was the most popular film tracked on the week thanks to its first trailer. All-female action films have become much less of an oddity in recent years but there are question marks here about if the brand and name recognition of a 40-year-old TV show will be enough to fill seats since there is a lack of drawing power from its stars outside of Kristen Stewart who has been hit or miss in recent years. So far so good for the film as over 175,000 likes and 60,000 retweets over the last week+ was a big win. The untitled James Bond sequel also was active on the week as filming moved to London which led to a lot of news and even a new official image from the film. Jumanji: The Next Level also dropped its first trailer a couple of days ago, which had a big splash on the service. Still a long ways away from release, the film should be one of the cornerstones of the holiday season.

Film New Page Likes Posts Post Likes Post Retweets
Charlie’s Angels          14,040   176,830           61,265 
The Lion King            7,798   94,855           32,876 
James Bond 007          10,374  15   94,625           18,404 
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker            3,014  23   73,902           10,012 
Jumanji: The Next Level            1,683   36,036           12,762 

Top 3 Posts:

Movie Date Power*
Charlie’s Angels 27-Jun 8.8
The Lion King 3-Jul 8.2
The Lion King 2-Jul 8.0
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments


The Lion King repeated atop the Facebook pile with close to 400,000 likes and over 160,000 shares. The marketing campaign for the film from its official channels has been very measured and exacting, favoring quality over quantity and with massive followers counts on all services it has been successful at generating buzz and interest, especially considering its family-friendly core audience. Hobbs & Shaw had a solid showing on the service, this time thanks to its final trailer before release next month. The spinoff has had a hard time replicating its Facebook success on Twitter or Instagram so far but it is clearly a force to be reckoned with this August. Similar to Hobbs & Shaw, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood has done very well on Facebook despite having middling performances on the other two services. 

Film   New Page Likes   Posts   Post Likes   Post Shares 
 The Lion King           29,821  392,180           161,990 
Hobbs & Shaw          24,097  122,018             60,622 
Once Upon a Time In Hollywood             5,225  80,692             33,785 
Charlie’s Angels           17,954  65,088             53,116 
Jumanji: The Next Level           12,901  62,348             62,437 

Top 3 Posts:

Movie Date Power*
The Lion King 2-Jul 9.2
Hobbs & Shaw 28-Jun 8.8
Jumanji: The Next Level 1-Jul 8.6
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments

While Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker reclaimed its top spot on the week, the big story on Instagram was the huge debut trailer from Spies In Disguise which has seen almost 10 million video views over its first two days. It finished just outside the top 5 on Twitter and Facebook (finishing 6th and 9th respectively) but its Instagram performance was a surprise to most. A big part of its success was no doubt the fact that one of its stars Tom Holland also has Spider-Man: Far From Home out which is burning up all social media, but regardless of the impetus all news is good news and it significantly increased its awareness.

Film  New Followers   Posts   Post Likes   Post Comments 
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker          48,221  13  1,547,716           8,768 
Spies In Disguise            3,300  589,900           5,084 
The Lion King          46,270  331,962           6,151 
Hobbs & Shaw          50,339  236,952           1,955 
James Bond 007          21,287  216,163           1,942 

Top 3 Posts:

Movie Date Power*
Spies In Disguise 2-Jul 9.6
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker 30-Jun 9.1
James Bond 007 30-Jun 8.3
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

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