Spotlight Cinema Networks Signs New Long-Term Deal with Landmark Theatres


December 18, 2018, New York, NY – Spotlight Cinema Networks announced today that it has signed a new long-term cinema advertising agreement with Landmark Theatres. The new deal reinforces Spotlight Cinema Networks’ position as the cinema advertising leader in reaching the 21+ adult demographic through its nationwide network of art houses and luxury theatres.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Spotlight Cinema Networks will continue to have the exclusive right to market and exhibit advertising at Landmark Theatres, including their flagship location, The Landmark in Los Angeles, and new luxury venues, such as The Landmark at 57 West in New York City, Atlantic Plumbing Cinema in Washington DC, and The Landmark at Merrick Park in Miami. Landmark Theatres is the nation’s largest art house exhibitor with 52 theatres and 252 screens.

“It’s exciting to continue our successful relationship with a nationally recognized leader and innovator in independent film exhibition,” said Jerry Rakfeldt, CEO, Spotlight Cinema Networks. “Landmark’s presence in our network amplifies our reach and gives marketers access to cultured audiences in the nation’s most desirable markets. We look forward to further delivering a quality preshow experience for Landmark’s art house audience.”

“We’re very pleased to finalize a new partnership with Spotlight Cinema Networks,” said Charles S. Cohen, Chairman, Cohen Media Group, which owns Landmark Theatres. “The value they bring to the table, not just from a revenue standpoint, but also by the quality of their services is impressive. Spotlight’s preshow program and the ads they provide are perfect for Landmark and our patrons. They know the art house niche well and they continue to be the right choice for Landmark Theatres.”

As part of its services, Spotlight Cinema Networks will continue to provide Landmark Theatres with a curated, upscale digital preshow program, as well as movie trailer delivery services through Spotlight Cinema Networks’ Storming Images business unit.

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