Studio Movie Grill Offers Invite-Only Subscription Service


DALLAS, TX, January 7, 2018 – Studio Movie Grill (SMG) the in-theater dining leader launches SMG Access Subscription in limited quantity to a select few this month. As the first exhibitor to fully embrace the subscription model, SMG has now created an SMG-Exclusive mobile app boasting all titles and alternate programming, showtimes and locations for one low monthly cost.  Guests can tailor a plan to suit their needs including number of members and payment preferences.

Additionally, SMG Access Subscription is set to become the highest tier of SMG’s loyalty program, SMG Access™, which launched in June 2018.  The two programs will integrate later this year combining the best of both programs and allowing guests to benefit from the perks of SMG Access™ and its community-driven mission in addition to the savings and convenience of SMG Access Subscription.

“After a year of testing and extensive guest interviews, SMG is premiering, in limited release, our own subscription service,” says Founder/CEO Brian Schultz, “SMG will continue its fanatical commitment to keeping the theater-going experience alive and well. We are committed to providing a top tier movie-going experience and offering our guests the very best content, presentation, hospitality, comfort and dining experience in the world.  SMG Access Subscription further aligns our brand to the viewing habits of our most loyal guests and encourages exploration of a wider range of film content, including SMG’s robust line-up of alternate programming.”

Access Subscription offers:

  • multiple films per month
  • Individual or groups plans
  • all SMG location participation
  • no blackout dates
  • plans starting at $14.99/mo and additional membership may be added starting at $13.99/mo

The program can be downloaded for iPhone at the App Store or Android on Google Play.

SMG Access Subscription allows and encourages SMG guests to experience the magic of going to the movies more often and the camaraderie of sharing a meal for a great price.

For guests interested in an invitation to SMG Access Subscription, join SMG AccessTM at no cost at


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