SurveyMe Teams Up with Atom Tickets


NEWPORT BEACH, California — January, 17 2018 — SurveyMe, Inc., the leader in movie theater feedback, has announced a new affiliate program with Atom Tickets, the first-of-its-kind social movie ticketing platform, to improve the in-theater guest experience for moviegoers. The initiative will incentivize moviegoers to share a survey about their favorite theaters by offering an exclusive discount toward a future purchase on the Atom Tickets app and website.  

Here’s how the promotion will work: When an SurveyMe user shares a survey for participating locations with their social network, they will receive a $5 discount code that can be redeemed on any future movie ticket purchase via the Atom Tickets app.

SurveyMe users who click on the shared link will be taken directly to the movie theater survey. In turn, any referred users who complete the survey can share the link to their own networks to receive $5 off their next ticket purchase through the Atom Tickets app. This incentivized social sharing will generate valuable feedback to theaters who are looking to enhance the moviegoing experience for their guests.

This exclusive promotion will start in mid January 2018 and initially lasts for 12 months.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Atom Tickets,” SurveyMe CEO Lee Evans said. “They’re shaping the future of mobile movie tickets and we share their passion for increasing the number of people who enjoy going to the movies everyday.”

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