TCL Renews Partnership with Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

Image courtesy: TCL Chinese Theatre

TCL announced Friday that it renewed its partnership with the Chinese Theatre. Under this extended deal, TCL will apply its technology portfolio to enable immersive experiences at one of the world’s most renowned theatres, as it has done since 2013.

“This is a monumental day in our history as we continue this unique relationship with such a top and innovative electronics giant,” TCL Chinese Theatres Chair Elie Samaha said in a press release. “The milestone relationship between TCL and the Chinese Theatre has to date allowed us to do many of the upgrades and preservation projects we earmarked from day one of ownership.”

The cinema entered a naming rights partnership with TCL in 2013. In the same year the partnership began, TCL helped build the world’s largest IMAX into the space, the location’s first major expansion in 85 years.

Since its first cornerstone was laid 96 years ago in 1927, the Chinese Theatre has been most famous for the handprints and footprints imprinted in the forecourt by more than 200 major figures from film history. New imprints from 2022 included Jamie Lee Curtis, Diane Keaton, and Lily Tomlin.

Image courtesy: TCL Chinese Theatre

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