TimePlay and Atom Tickets Join Forces to Make Movie-Going the Social Experience This Holiday


TORONTO, Ont. -December 8, 2017 – TimePlay Inc., the world leader in interactive cinema, will join forces with Atom Tickets, the first-of-its-kind social movie ticketing app, to offer a social and fun experience for consumers during the pre-show at select Emagine Theatres between December 8, 2017 to January 15th, 2018.

For this pilot program, movie-goers at Emagine Theaters across six theaters (nearly 70 screens) that arrive early to the movies will be invited to compete with others in their theater by using TimePlay on their smartphones. TimePlay’s gamification platform will determine who wins what prize and deliver them directly to participants’ devices. Atom Tickets will provide a variety of prizes and special offers for all players.

“TimePlay transforms the pre-show by delivering addictive content before the movie starts,” said Aaron Silverberg, VP Marketing at TimePlay. “We are pleased to be partnering with Atom Tickets to deliver a campaign that will excite moviegoers and add ROI for our exhibitor partner.”

“Making the movie-going experience easy and more social is core to our business,” said Amber Tarshis, Head of Brand Marketing at Atom Tickets. “Working with Timeplay on this program is one more way we can drive awareness of our app and another fun way for Emagine Theaters other attract and connect with younger viewers who make up a large part of our demographic.”

TimePlay’s proprietary technology transforms a smartphone into a game controller, which connects to the big screen and creates 2-way interactivity. Moviegoers can participate in a completely new social entertainment experience, sparking live competition between family, friends and strangers in the theatre. Audiences will compete against each other in real time with content on the big screen to win various prizes.

The Atom Tickets app provides relevant reviews, trailers and synopses to help customers make the best decision on what to see. Moviegoers may then invite friends (via Facebook or their contact lists) to purchase their own tickets to join them. Atom Tickets enables seamless ordering of tickets and concessions from any Android or iOS phone using the free app. At the theater, consumers go directly to the ushers and concession counters, where they simply scan a QR code at tablet kiosks.

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