Timewaying Breaks Record with the Launch of World’s Largest LED PLF

Courtesy of HeyLED

On May 19th, Timewaying Technology Co. Ltd made history by unveiling the world’s largest LED cinema screen at Wushang Dream Plaza in Wuhan, China. At over 65 feet wide and nearly 35 feet high, the 4K HeyLED digital cinema screen is a DCl-certified Premiere Large Format (PLF) experience. The launch drew over 300 attendees from the theater industry, including exhibitors such as Wanda, Bona, Omnijoi Media, and Poly Culture.

The product introduction was conducted with a PowerPoint presentation on the HeyLED screen at a brightness of 150 Nit while the house lights remained on. The presentation highlighted HeyLED’s commercial value for multi-scenario applications such as conferences, academic lectures, and live performances.

Mr. Ruan Yong-zhao, the vice president of Hubei Changjiang Film Group Co., Ltd., praised the LED technology, stating that the attraction had become the highest box office grossing in Wuhan within a month of opening while underlining the breath-taking clarity and overwhelming sense of awe and wonder.

Andrew Chen, the chief executive officer of Timewaying, highlighted the HeyLED solution with three main points currently affecting the cinema industry: limited content diversity, lack of immersion in cinematic experience, and a lack of social connection. The HeyLED PLF also addresses some of the issues with the traditional screening methods, eliminating the need for a projection room and creating new opportunities for building extra VIP private boxes to drive income. Andrew also noted that Al’s creative ability and iterative updates in restoration technology could provide new opportunities for the industry. To support cinema technology adoption, Timewaying has launched an exclusive HeyLED financing plan for Chinese clients.

Kenny Chow, the chief technology officer of Timewaying, introduced the product’s technical features, advantages, and application effects compared to ordinary projection with a video demonstration. He highlighted the screen’s dimensions, strong spatial feeling enhanced by 3D imaging, facilitating naked-eye 3D viewing.

The PLF auditorium is equipped with an EMX immersion WSAI surround audio system, specially designed for the HeyLED. Xiang Jue, the vice president of EMX, stated that the WSAI sound system has made substantial breakthroughs in solving the problem of sound-image perception caused by non-perforated screens. Meanwhile, the 13cm ultra-narrow width of the powerful speaker arrays fit right into the rims of the HeyLED screen to enable wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-ground fitting of the LED screen to the auditorium.

Courtesy of HeyLED
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