Tourism Australia Launches Ad Campaign with Spotlight Cinema Networks

Courtesy of Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia has partnered with Spotlight Cinema Networks to promote the next installment of its global ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ brand. This new campaign invites international travelers to ‘Come and Say G’Day’ and discover the true meaning of an Aussie welcome. The multifaceted campaign includes a short film titled G’day, which will introduce the world to two lovable CGI animated characters: Ruby, the souvenir kangaroo, voiced by Australian actress Rose Byrne, and Louie, the toy unicorn, voiced by actor Will Arnett. The film is directed by Michael Gracey and follows the adventures of Ruby and Louie, as they explore Australia’s iconic sites and together discover the true meaning of an Aussie welcome. The cinema campaign will launch October 28th, with the G’day short film appearing in Spotlight’s CineLife Preshow. In addition, a cinematic sixty-second creative spot will run through the end of the year across all Spotlight screens just prior to the upcoming movie trailers.

“We’re thrilled Tourism Australia has chosen to advertise the Come and Say G’day campaign in Spotlight’s uncluttered cinema-advertising environment across our luxury, dine-in and art house cinema advertising network,” said Michael Sakin, the president of Spotlight Cinema Networks. “Savvy marketers like Tourism Australia use Spotlight as the ideal platform for targeted media buys to reach the upscale, educated, adult demographic with disposable income.”

“This partnership with Spotlight Cinema Networks will ensure the epic locations featured in G’Day are experienced on the big screen, from the beauty of the Northern Territory’s Nitmiluk Gorge and the awe-inspiring Sydney Opera House to the buzz of Melbourne’s laneways and the welcoming sands of Cottesloe Beach, Perth. This rich cinematic experience will fully immerse Spotlight’s guests, introducing them to the film’s star Ruby, and bring them closer to booking a trip and Come and say G’day in Australia,” said Tourism Australia’s Vice President (The Americas) Chris Allison.

Courtesy of Tourism Australia

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