Twitter Futures – ‘Mockingjay’ Dominates

Friday Morning Update: For the second time in the last three weeks The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 topped the charts for upcoming films. It dropped a new preview a couple days ago which spawned a hefty 55,665 tweets. Hardly a surprise since its first full trailer grabber over 160k tweets back in September. This could very well see record breaking tweet totals leading up to release so expect this to be leading quite often over the next month before release.

Ouiji is a social media giant in its own right and last week was no different as it held down the second spot. Its Facebook tally has also been huge and at this point its money in the bank for its backers given the signs. It is the most tweeted about Horror on the year this distance from release (yes even ahead of Annabelle which had ~65k tweets the same week before release).

Beyond The Lights also turned heads on the week with a third place finish. The romance genre traditional is Twitter money and big numbers don’t always translate to big bucks (see Endless Love) but with a limited marketing push and tiny budget this has done very well at generating interest so far. It looks to be a sleeper in the wings for November at this point.

Penguins Of Madagascar had been very silent for the most part over the past few months, with its first two trailers having less than 3,000 tweets each which was a bit on the light side, even for a family friendly film. Perhaps sensing the light buzz, Fox released the first four and a half minutes of the film online a couple of days ago which saw just shy of 10,000 tweets. Great move on their part which seemed to have worked at sparking interest.