Twitter Futures – ‘The Interview’ Continues To Trend

Friday Morning Update: The Interview kept rolling this past week as it racked up a staggering 470k tweets leading up to its release. The worldwide buzz has been huge for the film and reached a pinnacle over the last few days. Critic reaction has been mixed at best but the word from those who have actually seen it is strong as evidenced by its 8.4/10 at IMDb from almost 70,000 votes as I write this. Though not as precise, my spot-checking of its Twitter reaction has also been largely positive. Sony appears to be harnessing all the buzz surrounding the release well with its multi-tiered release strategy and based on these early reactions it should have no problem making back its money even if it takes a little longer than usual.

After a long wait the first trailer for the Bros In The City movie aka Entourage hit on Tuesday where it generated close to 38,000 tweets. Strong start here as it seems as though the characters from the now-ended TV show still has a lot of loyal followers.

Focus also saw a mini-bump again with another trailer, leading to a 7,447 tweet day on Monday. The Will Smith actioner has been doing well over the past few weeks in general and should be making many for top 5 appearances over the next few weeks leading up to release.

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