Swiss Cinema Advertising Agency Copine Signs 5-Year Deal for Use of Unique X’s Advertising Accord Platform

Cinema advertising agency Copine GmbH of Zurich, Switzerland has struck a five-year agreement with cinema software provider Unique X for the use of Unique X’s cinema advertising platform Advertising Accord solution in the Swiss cinema ad market.

Unique X’s Advertising Accord “will allow Copine to innovate the selling of cinema advertising within the territory while ensuring automated delivery to the cinema screens of their Exhibitor partners,” according to a press release.

Advertising Accord, which creates over 30 million advertising playlists each week across the globe, offers features such as inventory management, increased delivery optimization and flexibility with dynamic scheduling.

The deal additionally allows Copine to deploy Unique X’s theater management system RosettaBridge TMS for end-to-end advertising delivery. RosettaBridge TMS, which currently powers over 35,000 screens worldwide, will allow selected theaters more control, visibility, increased automation and the ability to receive real-time information.

Marcel Ramsay, co-owner of Copine, said in a statement, ‘We appreciate the new opportunities Advertising Accord opens up for us – especially in an increasingly connected, data-driven world. We are convinced that the Swiss cinema advertising market will benefit greatly from this.”

Added Unique X’s chief commercial officer Phil Morris, “We are very excited to be working with Copine, and believe that this deal signifies the strength of the future of cinema advertising sales within the Swiss market. The introduction of Advertising Accord to this market is a clear demonstration of the flexibility Advertising Accord platform.”

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