UPDATED GLOBAL REPORT: ‘Jurassic World’ Closes In On $1 Billion Worldwide After Just 12 Days; ‘Inside Out’ Opens To Strong $41 Million From Early International Releases, But Behind ‘Minions’ Down Under

Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice


Updated 6.22.15 with studio actuals


The dinosaurs of Jurassic World stampeded past the half billion mark overseas this weekend devouring $160.5 million at 18,718 dates across 66 territories for an outstanding total of $584.4 million. Combined with North America’s record-breaking run, Universal’s long awaited fourth installment in the Jurassic series is already knocking on the billion dollar door with $987.2 million in global ticket sales.


Jurassic is a bonafide global blockbuster, retaining the top spot in an estimated 50 of its 66 international markets this weekend. Its second weekend overseas marks Jurassic as the highest grossing global holdover in history down just 41% from last weekend. Top grossing territories are China ($164.4M), U.K. and Ireland ($60.3), Mexico ($29.0M), South Korea ($27.3M), Germany ($26.3M), France ($23.5M), Australia ($23.4M), Russia ($17.8M), Taiwan ($17.2M), Brazil ($15.6M), India ($15.4M), Spain ($13.5M), Italy ($11.5M), Malaysia ($9.1M), the Philippines ($9.0M) and Venezuela ($8.6M).


International filmgoers are flocking to IMAX screens as well, contributing $10.8 million this weekend from 446 screens and taking the overseas total to $42.1 million. Super-sized Indominus rex and the dinosaurs of Jurassic World have grossed a record $84 million globally from IMAX in just 12 days, compared to Avatar which took 23 days to reach $80 million.


Universal’s Jurassic World co-financed by Legendary Pictures will open in its final territory Japan on August 5.


Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out opened to $41.0 million from 5 major markets and 37 overseas territories, approximately 42% of its final international footprint. The film got off to an outstanding start with an estimated total of $132 millionworldwide.


Latin America posted $21.8 million, led by Mexico with $8.8 million which is the highest non-sequel animated opening of all-time and the fifth highest overall animated opening of all-time. Argentina opened at #1 with $3.3 million and Brazil took second behind Jurassic World with $3.1 million. Elsewhere Colombia grossed $1.1 million and Panama took in $1.6 million.


Russia also opened at #1 with $7.7 million, the highest opening ever for a Disney/Pixar animated release includingFrozen. Australia took in $3.6 million which is on par with Big Hero 6’s opening and should have strong holds through the upcoming Winter school holiday.


In Europe, France was the only significant market to open this weekend and took in $5.2 million, just below Frozen. The Fête du Cinéma, an annual celebration of films which brings out huge audience numbers, which starts next week, as well as summer school holidays starting on July 3 will help Inside Out moving forward.


International releases will be staggered throughout the next few months to coincide with local holidays. Inside Outwill open in Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, India, and Trinidad next weekend. Other key overseas openings are South Korea (July 9), Spain (July 17), Japan (July 18), UK/Ireland (July 24), Italy (September 16), and Germany (October 1). China has no confirmed release date yet.


SPLII: A Time For Consequences opened with $31.1 million in China this weekend taking second place just behindJurassic World. The HK/China co-produced action film starring Tony Jaa and Jacky Wu has grossed $42.0 millionsince Thursday.


Warner Bros’ San Andreas shook up $19.3 million this weekend from 67 international markets, raising its overseas cume to $282.8 million and the worldwide total to $415.5 million. The disaster flick is up to $92.6 million in China ($3.9 million on 3,300 screens) and $28.3 million in Mexico ($1.03 million on 719 screens) where it is now the highest grossing Warner Bros film of all-time. Elsewhere, South Korea held on to $796K on 363 screens for a $12.6 million total, Brazil grossed $500K on 411 screens for a $10.1 million cume, the UK/Ireland quaked to $686K on 412 screens for $16.5 million total, and France absorbed $595K on 476 screens for $7.6 million. Other top markets are Taiwan ($8.0 million), Australia ($6.6 million), Colombia ($6.5 million), Argentina ($6.4 million), and Germany ($5.45 million). San Andreas hits Spanish shores on June 26.


Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions kicked-off with an estimated $12.5 million this week from 4 territories in the Asian-Pacific.  The film opened at #1 in Indonesia as the highest grossing opening weekend for an animated film and is tracking 55% ahead of Despicable Me 2. It also took the top spot in Malaysia and Singapore, where it opened 46% and 26% bigger the DM2 respectively. Minions placed behind Jurassic World in Australia. The animated film will open next weekend in Brazil, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and the UK/Ireland.


Spy discovered an additional $9.86 million this weekend from 70 territories, bringing its international cume to $96.29 million after 5 frames of overseas release. The comedy starring Melissa McCarthy has grossed $171.39 million worldwide. The top 5 markets this weekend include the UK/Ireland ($1.41 million on 546 screens/$11.29 cume), a third place opening in France with $1.38 million on 351 screens, Germany ($1.13 million on 622 screens/$3.91 million cume), Russia ($730K on 855 screens/$7.53million cume), and Australia ($586K on 266 screens/$10.23 million cume). South Korea has grossed $16.87 million in 5 weeks, while Taiwan has earned $5.07 million.


The Divergent Series: Insurgent bowed in China with an estimated $8.9 million for third place in a crowded holiday market this weekend. The second installment in the Divergent series has now grossed $154.74 million overseas and$284.55 million worldwide.


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F took off in Latin America this weekend and grossed $7.11 million from 9 markets. Combined with Japan’s $30.9 million, Resurrection has grossed $38.0 million worldwide. Mexico opened at #3 behind Inside Out and Jurassic World with an outstanding $3.42 million on 713 screens, while Peru took the top spot with $1.16 million on 195 screens. Other openings include Brazil ($738K), Chile ($621K), Ecuador ($476K), Central America ($472K), Puerto Rico ($138K), and the Dominican Republic ($18K).


Mad Max: Fury Road guzzled down $5.06 million in international sales this weekend from 56 territories. The universally acclaimed action flick has grossed $202.7 million overseas and $346.52 million globally. Japan opened this weekend to an estimated $2.1 million on 660 screens to take first place in the market.


Poltergeist opened in eight new markets this weekend and scared up $4.3 million from 3,145 screens in 37 territories, lifting its four week overseas cume to $30.96 million and the global tally to $77.66 million. Russia opened at #3 in the market with $1.6 million on 1,519 screens, while Germany increased 8% over last weekend for $525K and $4.0 million total. Other openings include Malaysia ($493K on 210 screens), Venezuela ($312K on 27 screens), Colombia ($319K on 140 screens), Singapore ($188K on 29 screens), Belgium ($183K on 40 screens), Ukraine ($60K on 109 screens), and Uruguay ($24K on 10 screens).


Entourage pumped its way to $2.7 million this weekend behind UK/Ireland’s $980K opening on 409 screens. Vince and his boys have disappointed domestically and overseas grossing just $9.1 million abroad and $38.43 millionworldwide. France opens next week.


Insidious: Chapter 3 grossed $3.0 million from 2,170 screens across 53 territories this frame, lifting its overseas cume to $32.2 million and its global haul to $77.6 million. The horror remake opened in Argentina in fifth place with $345k on 80 screens, 69% ahead of the previous installment’s opening weekend. Thailand grossed $190k on 87 screens to take second place, while Poland earned $140k on 113 screens for the third spot in the market. Upcoming openings include Mexico (June 26), Germany (July 2), France (July 8), South Korea (July 9), Australia (July 16), and Brazil (July 30).


Films with less than $2 million overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)

Tomorrowland – $1.8 million/$108.3 million/$195.996 million

Agora O Nunca (Spain) – $1.6 million/$1.6 million/$1.6 million

Pitch Perfect 2 – $1.3 million/$94.67 million/$272.36 million

The Longest Ride – $901K/$23.71 million/$61.12 million

Avengers: Age of Ultron – $800K/$918.4 million/$1.367723 billion

Home – $686K/$206.39 million/$380.5 million

Unfriended – $659K/$12.94 million/$45.42 million

Aloha – $440K/$3.81 million/$23.85 million

Ex Machina – $101K/$11.42 million/$36.38 million