UPDATED GLOBAL REPORT: ‘San Andreas’ Hits China And Mexico Hard; ‘Spy’ Nets $56.5 Million From Overseas; ‘Tomorrowland’ Tops Japan; ‘Doraemon’ Still Surprising In China

Updated with studio actuals 6.8.15

San Andreas rocked the global box office again this weekend, holding on to the top spot with $97.7 million from ~24,015 screens across 68 markets. The Dwayne Johnson vehicle has grossed $188.5 million overseas and $286.97 million globally. San Andreas opened well across Asia with China accounting for an estimated $34 million over the weekend and $51 million since its opening Tuesday. Despite public health concerns over MERS, South Korea came in at #1 with $7.25 million from 851 screens, and Hong Kong shook up $2.3 million for 72% of the weekend box office from 85 screens.

Among holdovers, Mexico continues to perform well, dropping just 34% from last weekend for an impressive $6.7 million from 2,655 screens and $21.3 million total. Brazilian cinemas welcomed moviegoers over their Corpus Christi holiday with $3.0 million from 782 screens, raising the cume to $7.5 million after two weekends. San Andreas came in at #1 in France ($1.5 million/$5.25 million cume), Argentina ($1.9 million, $4.3 million cume), Colombia ($1.35 million/$3.8 million cume), Chile ($1.2 million/$3.15 million cume), and Peru ($1.0 million/$3.2 million cume), and #2 in the UK/Ireland ($2.7 million/$12.9 million) and Germany (1.0 million/$3.8 million cume). San Andreas opens June 26 in Spain.

Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy had international audiences in stitches this weekend as Spy netted $25.43 million from 7,937 screens across 65 territories, raising its overseas cume to $56.37 million and its global tally to $85.45 million. Strong openings include #1 in the UK/Ireland with $3.92 million on 530 screens (93% of Bridesmaids and 150% of The Heat), #1 in Russia with $3.17 million on 1,616 screens (more than double the lifetime gross of Bridesmaids), #2 in Mexico with $1.69 million on 944 screens (the biggest opening weekend ever for Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy), and #1 in Germany with $1.34 million on 599 screens (117% of The Heat). Spy also had the highest grossing opening weekend for a Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy collaboration in Brazil ($994K on 305 screens), UAE ($1.01 million on 53 screens), Thailand ($720K on 267 screens), Holland ($427K on 97 screens), Norway ($406K on 160 screens), Ukraine ($433K on 167 screens), Sweden ($368K on 139 screens), Peru ($298K on 95 screens), Denmark ($282K on 68 screens), and Central America ($297K on 133 screens). The comedy held well in South Korea ($2.15 million/$14.56 million cume) despite a MERS scare affecting the overall market. Australia came in at #3 in its third weekend of release down just 26% from last weekend ($1.57 million/$7.86 million cume). Spy opens in France on June 17.

Tomorrowland posted an estimated $13.8 million in its third weekend of international release from 77 territories. The Disney sci-fi/adventure flick has now grossed $93.5 million after opening in all of its planned overseas markets and $169.7 million globally. Tomorrowland opened at #1 this weekend in Japan with an estimated $2.1 million, regaining the top spot for Disney after Cinderella lost her throne last weekend. China, the film’s top performing overseas territory, tumbled 83% from its first weekend for $1.45 million and a disappointing 13-day total of $17.8 million. Tomorrowland‘s international breakdown: Russia ($7.4 million), UK/Ireland ($7.4 million), Mexico ($5.1 million), France ($4.9 million), Italy ($3.0 million), Germany ($2.7 million), Spain ($2.4 million), Australia ($2.3 million), Taiwan ($2.2 million), Thailand ($2.1 million), Japan ($2.1 million), South Korea ($1.8 million), Brazil ($1.6 million) and other territories ($30.6 million).

Doraemon Stand By Me continued its surprising run in China this weekend with $13.45 million for a total of $73 million after 11 days of release. Doraemon‘s China haul has now surpassed its entire Japanese run ($66.7 million) and sits as the third highest grossing animated film of all-time in China behind Big Hero 6($84.63 million) and Kung Fu Panda 2 ($94.75 million)

Mad Max: Fury Road guzzled down an additional $11.1 million this weekend from 6,985 screens in 70 international territories. The well-received action flick from Aussie George Miller is up to $184.1 million overseas and $314.76 million globally. Top ten markets are: South Korea ($2.5 million/$27.2 million cume), UK/Ireland ($1.2 million/$24.1 million cume), Australia ($1.2 million/$14.8 million cume), France ($1.05 million/$15.5 million cume), Brazil ($994K/$10.4 million cume), Germany ($518K/$8.2 million cume), Russia ($374K/$12.9 million cume), and Mexico ($279K/$7.65 million cume). There is still no confirmed released for China.

Avengers: Age of Ultron pulled in another $7.0 million in its seventh weekend of overseas release from 91 territories. It has now grossed $910.2 million overseas and $1.3482 billion globally to become the 5th highest grossing film of all-time. Ultron‘s international breakdown: China ($233.6 million), South Korea ($82.2 million), UK/Ireland ($72.8 million), Mexico ($50.4 million), Brazil ($47.7 million), Russia ($33.4 million), France ($33.3 million), Germany ($32.3 million), Australia ($31.1 million), Italy ($18.4 million), Taiwan ($18.4 million), Hong Kong ($18.3 million), India ($16.8 million), the Philippines ($14.1 million), Argentina ($13.9 million), Malaysia ($13.3 million), Spain ($13.0 million), Thailand ($11.6 million), and other territories ($155.4 million). Ultronopens in Japan on July 4.

With an estimated $4.6 million from 46 territories this weekend, the Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect 2 have now sung their way to the tune of $89 million overseas and $250 million worldwide. The UK and Ireland, where the ladies took 5th place with $1.2 million this weekend, tops all international territories with a 24-day total of $25.2 million. Fat Amy’s (actress Rebel Wilson) home country of Australia grossed $765k this weekend for a 31-day total of $20.8 million, while Germany – home to the acapella group battling the Barden Bellas – earned $655K for a 25-day total of $10.3 million. Pitch Perfect 2 still has 12 more stops on its worldwide tour. Chile is next on June 25.

Poltergeist terrified international audiences into coughing up another $2.92 million from 3,070 screens across 42 territories this weekend. The horror remake from 20th Century Fox is up to $24.31 million overseas and $68.62 million globally. Brazil is the top performing territory and grabbed $959K this weekend from 456 screens for $5.18 million after three weekends of release.

Entourage crashed the party in six international markets this weekend grossing an estimated $3.1 million from 454 screens. The big screen adaptation of HBO’s hit series is up to $20.9 million globally. Australia was friendliest to Vince and his boys, tossing them $2.6 million from 310 screens for the top spot Down Under.Entourage rolls up to the UK/Ireland on June 19.

Bollywood hit PK held well again in China this weekend, dropping 40% for $2.2 million and $16.44 million after 17 days of release. The comedy starring Aamir Khan beat out Tomorrowland despite playing on fewer screens.

DreamWorks Animation’s Home found $2.15 million from 1,854 screens in 45 territories. It has made $202.87 million overseas and $374.79 million globally.

Films with less than $2 million overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total
Aloha – $1.62 million/$1.65 million/$17.93 million
Woman in Gold – $996K/$12.14 million/$44.06 million
Furious 7 – $720K/$1.160 billion/$1.510 billion
The Longest Ride – $570K/$21.67 million/$58.91 million
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1) – $504K/$417.1 million/$754.2 million
Kaaka Muttai – $467K/$467K/$467K
The Maze Runner – $380K/$244.28 million/$346.7 million
Far From The Madding Crowd – $379K/$10.92 million/$20.81 million
Ex Machina – $273K/$10.95 million/$34.88 million
Unfriended – $238K/$12.14 million/$44.63 million
The Nut Job – $143K/$55.5 million/$119.76 million
Suite Francaise – $49K/$8.99 million/$8.99 million
Paddington – $10K/$183.32 million/$259.37 million