UPDATED GLOBAL REPORT: ‘Tomorrowland’ Grabs Modest $59M In Global Debut; ‘Mad Max’ Crosses $100M Overseas; ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Adds $15M; ‘Ultron’ Becomes #4 All-Time In China; ‘Furious 7’ Crosses $1.5B Worldwide

UPDATED – 5.26.15

Avengers: Age of Ultron once again takes the crown as the #1 film worldwide this weekend, stomping its way to $45.8 million from 91 territories in its fifth weekend of release. Globally, Ultron has grossed $1.26 billion and is now the 7th highest-grossing film of all-time.

With an estimated $28.3 million this weekend bringing the China total to $210.3 million after 13 days of release, Ultron becomes the 4th highest grossing film ever in the Middle Kingdom behind Avatar ($216 million) Transformers: Age of Extinction ($319 million) and Furious 7 ($390.5 million). However, this weekend’s haul fell a steep 70% from Ultron‘s first weekend indicating weak staying power, and with next week’s crop of imported films in Tomorrowland and Doraemon, the Marvel/Disney blockbuster is set to fade quickly.

Other top territories for Ultron include South Korea ($80.8 million), UK/Ireland ($68.4 million), Mexico ($48.3 million), Brazil ($44.5 million), Russia ($33.2 million), France ($32.1 million), Germany ($30.2 million), and Australia ($30.2 million). Ultron premieres in Japan on July 4.

Mad Max: Fury Road rolled to a weekend gross of $39 million on 14,625 screen from 69 markets. Overseas, George Miller’s long awaited fourth installment has taken in $133 million after 12 days and $212 million globally. International IMAX screens accounted for $1.8 million this weekend from 137 locations. Maxretained its top spot in South Korea, beating out Spy and a local drama, and dropped only 7% for $6.1 million and a $17.2 million cume. The film took second behind PP2 in the UK/Ireland with $4.1 million, bring its 12-day total to $16.3 million. Other strong holds in the second frame include Australia ($3.3 million/$10 million cume), France ($3.5 million, $11.6 million cume), Russia ($2.8 million, $10.5 million cume), Brazil ($2.4 million/$7.3 million cume), Germany ($1.7 million/$5.3 million cume), and Mexico ($1.5 million/$6.0 million cume). Max will open in Japan on June 20th.

Tomorrowland blasted into theaters worldwide this weekend, taking in a $58.859 million global day-and-debut with North America. Brad Bird’s sci-fi adventure flick from Disney grossed an estimated $26.7 million from 65 territories this weekend, representing about 56% of its international footprint, including $1.7 million from IMAX theaters. Top grossing territories were Russia ($3.6 million), Mexico ($2.8 million), UK/Ireland ($2.1 million), France ($1.9 million), Italy ($1.5 million), Thailand ($1.4 million), Taiwan ($1.2 million), and Germany ($1.1 million). Tomorrowland opens in China on Tuesday, and in Spain, Australia, and South Korea next weekend.

Pitch Perfect 2 keyed up an additional $15.5 million this weekend from 37 territories, and has grossed $64.58 million overseas through Monday which already surpasses the lifetime gross of the original film ($50.3 million). Combined with NA’s estimated $125.4 million, the Barden Bellas have sung to the tune of $187.1 million worldwide. Pitch Perfect 2 opened in the top spot in Spain ($960k at 301 dates), Norway ($269k at 83 dates), Hungary, Portugal, and Trinidad. It also held onto the top spot in the UK ($4.1 million/$16.2 million cume), Germany ($1.8 million/$6.6 million), Austria, and South Africa. In Australia, the film held onto third place this weekend with $2.5 million for an 19-day total of $18 million. The Barden Bellas will expand into an additional 22 territories before they hit their final note. Next up is Bulgaria, Estonia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania next weekend.

Spy netted $12.73 million from 9 Asia/Pacific territories ahead of its NA release on June 5th. The Melissa McCarthy vehicle opened in second place in South Korea with $4.83 million from 664 screens, tracking 16% ahead of Knight & Day. Australia took in $2.94 million from 259 screens, on par with Bridesmaids, while Taiwan took the top spot with $1.35 million, nearly 5.5 times more than The Hangover’s opening and more than double Neighbor‘s opening.

Poltergeist scared up $31.3 million in a global day-and-debut with North America this weekend. Overseas, it grabbed $8.34 million from 3,750 screens in 25 markets. Top performers were the UK/Ireland ($2.24 million on 778 screens) where it opened at #3 and beat Tomorrowland, Brazil ($2.03 million on 630 screens), Argentina ($725K on 227 screens), and Spain ($656K on 533 screens). Poltergeist opens in 7 new territories next weekend including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

PK, India’s highest grossing film of all-time, had an incredible opening in China this weekend, pulling in an estimated $5.3 million from just 12% of China’s screens and beating Ultron on a per theater attendance average. PK is already the highest-grossing Indian movie of all-time there.

Home cozied up to $4.82 million thanks to a strong second weekend hold in Venezuela ($1.39 million/$3.56 million cume) and a top 6 opening in South Korea ($986K on 500 screens). Home is now up to $193.03 million overseas and $360.9 million globally.

Furious 7 is in its final lap on the international racetrack this weekend, but still managed to eke out $3 million from 60 territories for a staggering $1.154 billion overseas total. Combined with the NA total of $347.7 million, Furious has just crossed $1.5 billion at the global box office. And with Ultron slowing down this weekend in China, Furious 7 can stop anxiously checking the rearview mirror knowing that its record $390.5 million haul from the Middle Kingdom won’t be challenged anytime soon.

Films with less than $2 million overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)

Cinderella – $1.8 million/$328.3 million/$526.26 million
The Maze Runner – $1.59 million/$241.14 million/$343.57 million
The Longest Ride – $1.05 million/$19.82 million/$56.59 million
Far From the Madding Crowd – $518K/$9.54 million/$12.70 million
Unfriended – $301K/$11.29 million/$43.69 million
Ex Machina – $213K/$10.42 million/$30.0 million