Videology Offers First-of-its-Kind Programmatic Access to Data-Enabled, In-Cinema Video Inventory Through Alliance with Screenvision Media


New York, N.Y., September 15, 2016— Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, today announced an alliance with Screenvision Media, a national cinema advertising leader. Through the relationship, advertisers will have the ability to plan, buy and execute data-enabled cinema advertising campaigns holistically with TV and video campaigns through a single platform. Following implementation, advertisers will have the ability to, for the first time, apply online and offline household interest and consumption along with transactional data, to in-cinema advertising inventory for next-level targeting.

Screenvision Media delivers unrivaled impact across its network of cinema screens within the captive and immersive environment of movie theatres and leverages research to enhance targeting based on ratings, genre or demographics. Through the alliance, Videology’s advertising clients will have the ability to plan, buy and execute data-enabled media campaigns programmatically against select Screenvision Media inventory through Videology’s converged advertising platform. Additionally, Videology’s clients are expected to benefit from the ability to layer enhanced data sources on top of the inventory to optimize their ability to reach a desired audience.

“From the beginning, we set out to build a platform for true video convergence across all screens,” said Scott Ferber, Founder and CEO, Videology. “Through our relationship with Screenvision Media, we’ve now added the cinema screen to our platform. This means that marketers can run campaigns by applying a common strategy across four screens: cinema, TV, mobile and desktop. This alliance further illustrates our commitment to building a screen-agnostic, converged video solution to drive the best possible results for advertisers, regardless of screen type.”

Advertisers can use Videology’s platform to build a plan that best achieves their objectives, such as maximizing target audience reach or minimizing effective CPM through data-enabled targeting. In addition, the ability to use Videology’s technology to access pricing and availability of Screenvision Media’s inventory will increase workflow efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

“We’ve seen tremendous momentum within cinema advertising as advertisers are increasingly leveraging cinema’s captive audience and immersive viewing experience,” said Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, Screenvision Media. “It’s more important than ever that marketers are able to connect every piece of their advertising strategy to ensure the highest possible ROI for their ad spend. The integration of our inventory into the Videology platform allows for optimized cross-screen planning and a simplified workflow. We see this as a nice complement to our existing efforts in strategically deploying inventory in order to facilitate access to advertisers that may not currently leverage cinema. It’s a big step forward for advertisers as screens continue to converge and the benefits of holistic cross-screen strategies become increasingly important.”

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