VIP Cinemas Selects Tapos Cinema PoS

Courtesy of Tapos

Tapos cinema PoS is preparing to install its 4th top 50 US circuit, VIP Cinemas. VIP Cinemas is a third-generation family-owned and operated chain of movie theaters with locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Missouri. Tapos has also announced new contracts signed in locations as diverse as London, Iceland, Iraq and Nigeria. 

Intentionally written in C++, Tapos features low resource requirements and includes a feature set integrated with all core 3rd party ticket platforms. Tapos, a subsidiary of Jacro, has 100+ years of experience in the cinema industry, including 25+ years providing cinema software solutions. Visit Tapos’ Senior Management team at booth 521J at CinemaCon.

“We’re thrilled to see so many Tapos installations, and that others see our vision for a cinema PoS that not only does more, but makes cinemas easier to manage.” says Alan Roe, the chief executive officer of Tapos. “Over 25 years of constant development, and now it’s unusual for us not to be selected when a PoS is put out to tender, particularly for circuits and the busiest independent cinemas. Each time a customer support ticket arrives we have asked, how did it happen? How do we make sure the customer has what they need the next time? How do we help our customers not just process transactions, but generate them? Quantity of features is easy to deliver. It’s depth of features where the real work is – over 25 years of developing and re-engineering has created a cinema PoS that means most features already deliver what is needed, without needing to go back to the development team.”

Courtesy of Tapos

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