Vista Group Announces Complete UK Box Office Data Coverage in Numero Platform

Vista Group has announced that its box office reporting platform, Numero, now provides 100% coverage of the UK market. Distributors and exhibitors utilizing Numero’s mobile apps and desktop platform now have complete, real-time and accurate box office grosses for the UK market and can use Numero for all film, circuit and market performance analyses.

In addition to having full flash-gross coverage, Numero also provides presale and hourly data comparisons to assist users to forecast the opening day and weekend of any upcoming movie, as well as a vast repository of historical data, and a comprehensive release calendar.

“We are delighted to apply Numero’s powerful analytics and intelligence to comprehensive box office data for what is one of the global industry’s most consequential markets”, said Simon Burton, the chief film officer at Vista Group.

Vista Group CEO Stuart Dickinson says this achievement offers value not only for Numero users, but also enhances the value of other Vista Group solutions surfacing this data. “Our connected suite of solutions cross-utilize data to provide performance insights and support data-driven decision making,” says Stuart. “In this case, Numero’s achievement will have positive run-on effects for UK exhibitors who embrace products such as Oneview, our cinema executive app found in Vista Cloud’s Data Empowerment capability. These solutions leverage Numero data to provide users with data to compare their own performance to that of the overall market.”

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