Vista Group Announces Vista Cloud agreement with Pathé Cinemas

Pathé Cinemas has become the latest existing Vista Group client to commit to transition to Vista Cloud. The 5-year agreement will see Vista Cloud deployed to all of Pathé’s 129 sites, 1,300+ screens, across multiple countries, including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, and Ivory Coast. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. Vista Group launched Vista Cloud in early 2022. The cinema management solution offers clients innovative tools, insights and security aimed at transforming the moviegoing experience. The agreement replaces the existing on-premises and managed customer environment agreements with Pathé across the territories, and builds on an existing partnership between the parties for the resale of Pathé developed self-checkout and e-gate solutions that integrate with Vista Group’s platform.

Jean-Christophe Désire, Pathé’s chief information officer, shared, “Innovation is at the core of Pathé DNA since the beginning, back in 1896. Tomorrow, Vista Cloud will enable us to push the boundaries of customer journey excellence and best-in-class digital experiences. Our partnership in off-the-shelf advanced operational solutions will also benefit the industry and ultimately moviegoers.”

Vista Group CEO Stuart Dickinson, added, “Our goal is to support Pathé Cinemas via Vista Cloud’s best-in-class solution capabilities so they can focus on their own customers, the moviegoers. We are confident that this new partnership will empower them to do just that, by enabling greater operational efficiency and providing timely innovation that will keep them ahead in their markets. As a leading cinema exhibitor with widespread presence across Europe, we look forward to seeing Pathé’s continued success in the industry.”

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