Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation Seeks Donations on Giving Tuesday to Benefit Working and Retired Members of the Motion Picture Community

On this Giving Tuesday, the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation (WRMPPF) is asking the motion picture industry to help working and retired members of our community in need.

“The film industry has faced unprecedented challenges this year, and the financial hardships that many individuals in our community have experienced are significant,” said Heather Morgan, chief of staff and strategy at Alamo Drafthouse and president, WRMPPF. “Your support of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation will allow programs to continue to thrive into 2024 and beyond,” Morgan continued.

A longtime industry charity committed to supporting a multitude of national health and social service programs, along with providing financial assistance to members of the motion picture community in times of need, the WRMPPF currently provides grants for housing emergencies; funeral expenses and other unexpected life-changing events; medical assistance for procedures; equipment and medications; and social services such as counseling, referrals, and workshops for an array of mental health and wellness needs.

In 2023, WRMPPF served 735 industry members; provided its neonatal program, Brave Beginnings, with grants to seven hospitals in order to purchase life-saving medical equipment benefiting premature infants; funded five pulmonary research fellowships and two laboratories at prestigious Universities, and spent nearly 2,000 hours providing clients with counseling, social, health, and wellness services.

Moving into 2024, the WRMPPF is committed to making a greater impact. Generous contributions and support demonstrated by the film industry will enable the charity to make a difference in the lives of countless families and individuals during a time of increasing need. To learn more or donate, visit https://wrpioneers.org/2023-gift-giving/ .

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