World’s Largest 20M LED Screen Unveiled in Hangzhou, China

Image courtesy Timewaying

On January 12, 2024, Timewaying Technology Co. Ltd unveiled the world’s largest 20-meter 4K DCI LED cinema at the Zhejiang Times Cinema in Hangzhou, China.

DeShun Xun, chairman of Zhejiang Times Cinema, expressed the belief that the new auditorium will, as stated in a press release, “will further boost box office revenue by leveraging its prime location and operational advantages.” The new screen, branded HeyLED PLF, supports high contrast, high brightness, and high dynamic range (HDR) screening technologies.

Per that same press release, Timewaying Sales Director Zhuo Zhihao “ignited a debate on consumer preferences, emphasizing the importance of consumer stratification over oversimplified downgrading,” urging cinemas to “focus on technological advancements and innovative services to meet changing expectations and improve profitability.”

A further innovation in the LED installation is the elimination of the traditional projection booth, which has been replaced by four VIP private boxes, offering an upgraded cinematic experience to moviegoers as well as a new opportunity for cinemas to generate income.

Image courtesy Timewaying

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