AMC Theatres® Newly Redesigned Rewards Program – AMC Stubs – Sees 42% Membership Increase in Just Two Months, Hits Record High 4 Million Active Member Households


LEAWOOD, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AMC Theatres® (NYSE:AMC) today announced that approximately two months after enhancing the benefits of its paid membership tier and adding a free tier to its rewards program, AMC Stubs, the Company has added more than 1.2 million households, hitting an all-time high of four million active member households.

Active memberships are defined as an enrollee or someone in an enrollee’s family having attended a movie at an AMC theatre within the current or past calendar year.

Since the launching in July of a thoroughly re-designed program, AMC Stubs’ two tiers, AMC Insider and AMC Premiere, combined to add more than 1.2 million new active family memberships in the last few weeks of the busy summer season. Given a continuation of this pace, the AMC Stubs membership base is likely to more than double year over year by the start of the 2017 summer movie season.

The number of new AMC Stubs members continues to climb daily at a brisk pace. New members are enrolling in the new AMC Stubs program at a rate more than 11 times the number of enrollments during the same period last year.

“The new AMC Stubs has opened strong and to enthusiastic reviews from our guests,” said Adam Aron, CEO and President, AMC Theatres. “Moviegoers want to be recognized and rewarded for coming to theatres, and the response to our new and improved AMC Stubs program has far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations.”

“The expansive growth of AMC Stubs provides AMC with a much larger database of identified moviegoers, and a better insight into their movie preferences,” said Stephen Colanero, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, AMC. “This enables AMC to have both a larger and a more focused marketing capability to support the movies of our Hollywood studio partners.”

In early July, AMC launched AMC Insider, a free tier to the rewards program that is increasing the number of AMC guests who are rewarded for simply coming to the movies. AMC Insider benefits include free refills on large popcorn, up to $2 off tickets every Tuesday, a free large popcorn birthday gift and 20 points earned for every dollar spent.

The company’s paid tier, AMC Premiere, also saw a refresh that included the addition of new guest benefits. For a $15 annual membership fee, AMC Premiere members enjoy express service with specially marked shorter lines at the box office and concession stand, free size upgrades on popcorn and soda, a free refill on large popcorn, up to $5 off movie tickets on Tuesdays, a birthday gift (free large popcorn and soda), no online ticket fees and 100 reward points for every $1 spent.

Every AMC Stubs member earns $5 to spend at the box office and concession stand for 5,000 points earned, and receives access to exclusive offers, screenings and more. For information about AMC Stubs and to sign up, guests can inquire at their local AMC theatre or at

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