Atom Tickets Adds Venmo Payments


Atom Tickets has made it easier to organize group moviegoing outings by adding Venmo to its digital payment options. Atom’s new persistent integration is designed for avid users of the Venmo platform. This new option expands Atom’s payment offerings, which includes digital payment leaders like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Chase Pay. 

The experience with Venmo is designed to be seamless: after selecting tickets to a movie, Atom users can choose Venmo as their payment option and complete the transaction via Venmo’s platform. Users can easily pay for movie tickets using funds in their Venmo account and then split the purchase with friends on Venmo by selecting “Split Purchase” in their purchase activity page in the Venmo app and adding friends.

“Venmo’s presence builds on Atom’s mission to make moviegoing outings more social and simpler than ever,” said Chris Brucia, head of product, Atom Tickets. “This new addition of paying with Venmo takes Atom’s social-focused goal one step further.”

Atom has other features including “Rally,” which allows friends to align on what to see, and “Invite” function that lets moviegoers notify friends on their chosen movies, theaters and seats—enabling groups to sit together and pay separately. 

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