B&B Announces Expansion Plan for Remainder of 2019

Image Courtesy of B&B Theatres

New Builds, Renovations, and Upgrades Coming to 84 Screens in the Circuit

B&B Theatres will undergo an ambitious expansion plan beginning in the second half of 2019, which includes a number of acquisitions, new builds, and remodels. The 95-year-old family-owned movie theater chain currently operates 428 screens across 52 locations in Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.

B&B’s theater circuit has more than doubled in size since 2014, expanding its array of premium amenities in cinemas like bowling alleys, family entertainment centers, and innovative tech offerings such as immersive seating and CJ 4DPLEX’s panoramic screen, ScreenX.

Among the sites scheduled to see upgrades and renovations in 2019, per a company statement, are:

Platte Purchase, Kansas City, MO –  Featuring a Luxury Entertainment Complex, this facility will feature 12 lanes of bowling, a massive redemption arcade, a full-service bar and grille, eight theater screens, and all of B&B’s signature amenities.  Intended as an anchor in a $100MM+ development, this LEC will be immersed in complementary enterprises and intended to be a regional destination.

Overland Park, Kansas- A popular 16-screen location outside of the Greater Kansas City Metro, this location has been outfitted with electric leather recliners as well as screenPLAY!, MX4D, Lyric, and ScreenX concepts. Coupled with a new bar and lounge, this facility is intended to be a premiere entertainment destination in the area. Per the company, work is just being completed at the time of this release.

Venice, Florida- An 11-screen location in Venice, Florida, this acquisition gives B&B Theatres five locations in the Sunshine State. B&B plans a major recliner remodel later in 2019.

Topeka, Kansas-  Details are still under wraps for this 9-screen new build, but the location is modelled after B&B’s Lee’s Summit New Longview facility is intended to bring a number of new amenities. Construction is underway and the facility is expected to open in November 2019.

Hannibal, Missouri-  Stadium modifications will make way for electric recliners in this exceptional hometown theater, built in 2009.  A bar and lobby lounge will round off the remodeling efforts, set to begin in late June.

Chillicothe, Missouri-  One of B&B’s classic properties, this hometown 6-screen will receive a complete makeover from carpets to paint, counters to signage, exterior façade to restrooms and offices.  Each auditorium will be fitted with electric recliners, and a bar and lounge will be installed adjacent to the lobby. Work is expected to begin in July 2019.

Wylie, Texas- This beautiful 12-screen location already features a B&B Grand Screen and Marquee Suites, but all auditoriums will be upgraded to electric leather recliners, and the facility will include other exciting signature B&B concepts. The remodel is expected to begin in July.

Jackson, Mississippi-  A massive remodel of an existing theater in the Northpark development of Jackson suburb, Ridgeland, MS, this acquisition will mark the company’s second in the state and is set to offer a broad array of B&B’s signature amenities.  Construction is slated to begin in late 2019.

Liberty, Missouri – Corporate Office –  In 2018, B&B Theatres built a flagship location in their hometown headquarters of Liberty, MO.  In 2019, plans are underway to build a new corporate office adjacent to the theater location.  While details are still being finalized, the office will be multi-level and designed to accommodate expected personnel growth as the company continues to pursue measured expansion in the years to come. Work is slated to begin in September of 2019.

Image Courtesy of B&B Theatres

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