C. Cretors and Company Introduces Line of Products for Covid-19 Safety

C. Cretors and Company, which has designed and manufactured food processing and concession equipment for 135 years, has announced the launch of four new Covid-19 inspired products.  Three universal hand sanitizing stands and a mobile floor standing shield are designed to meet the immediate needs of business owners and operators as they prepare to reopen to the public after months of shut-down.

Hand Sanitizing Stands

Designed to accommodate most brands of hands-free sanitizer dispensers and wipes, these universal stands are designed for high-traffic locations and placement at facility entrances and exits, auditoriums, and medical offices as needed or required. The Cretors Universal Sanitizer Stations are constructed from

durable 304 stainless steel, making them sturdy and easy to wipe down and keep clean. The hand wipe floor stand (pictured) will hold most wipe canister designs. The counter and floor stands will hold most battery operated hand sanitizer dispensers with industrial double-sided adhesive. The copper-plated antimicrobial drip tray prevents bacterial growth.  Custom-made decals can be added to both front and back of the stands. Self-applied sanitizer arrow signage is included. Dispensers and wipes are sold separately.

Mobile Floor Standing Shield

Cretors Mobile Floor Standing Shield (pictured) protects staff and customers from possible transmission of germs in locations where transactions take place, including theaters, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, and more. The durable shield has an optional customizable pass-thru cut-out that

provides space to exchange items, including currency, tickets, and programs. The base, made of 304 stainless steel, includes a shelf on the backside and is mounted on locking casters that allow the mobile shield to be moved from location to location. The front of the base has space for custom signage for things such as event information, team schedules, menus, company logos, and more.