Media Rights and Content Management Platform MTonomy Debuts at Cannes


Cambridge, Mass., May 20, 2019 – Blockchain media technology company MTonomy debuted its film and TV rights management platform at the Cannes Film Festival last week. The platform empowers media and entertainment industry professionals with greater insight and control over their media rights, deals, content and distribution than ever before.

“MTonomy is the global operating system for the world of film and TV rights,” says MTonomy CEO Arjun Mendhi. “By rethinking the infrastructure underlying rights management, MTonomy has permanently lightened the workload for rightsholders. We empower studios, distributors, and sales agents to spend more time on what matters most: finding the best opportunities for their rights, cultivating relationships, and growing their business.”

MTonomy makes it possible to seamlessly track deals, intuitively search available rights, and securely host terabytes of content in the cloud to enable rapid delivery and simple management of assets. MTonomy’s user-friendly design makes the system so intuitive to use that no training or setup costs are required.

The industry got its first look at the system at the Cannes Film Festival where Indie Rights, a global film distribution company with hundreds of features in its catalog, partnered with MTonomy to demonstrate the power, efficiency, and functionality of MTonomy’s unified rights, deals, and content platform.

“MTonomy is a dream come true for us,” said Indie Rights CEO Linda Nelson. “After all these years, there’s finally a platform that understands how we do business. Now that there is a single source of truth for all of our deals, our turnaround time for avails has gone from days of sifting through spreadsheets and contracts to just a few seconds of tapping out a search. MTonomy gives us answers now and makes it refreshingly simple to manage everything, and that makes all the difference in working with our partners.”

“Technology has always been the key to innovation and growth for media,” added Mendhi. “And because innovation should be accessible to all, we are offering a ‘Free Forever’ plan to the entire industry, opening up the next generation of technology to all sales agents, distributors, and studios.”

At present, the platform is open to companies by invitation only. MTonomy is giving premium access to select innovative media and entertainment companies at Cannes. Organizations interested in learning more may contact the company directly.

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