Captain Marvel Adds $14.6M Domestically on Tuesday, Crosses $500M Globally as MCU Tops $18B Worldwide

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios/Marvel Entertainment

Wednesday Update: Disney’s Captain Marvel scored another $14.6 million domestically on Tuesday, lifting its five-day haul to a strong $179.0 million.

Internationally, the pic added $19.5 million for an updated cume of $345.2 million. That pushed the global tally to $524.1 million.

On Monday, the film helped push the overall 21-film box office take of the Marvel Cinematic Universe past $18 billion worldwide.

International totals through Tuesday are as follows, with Japan set to open March 15:

China $100.1M
Korea $26.4M
UK $19.6M
Brazil $15.9M
Mexico $14.7M
Australia $12.7M
Indonesia $12.5M
Russia $12.0M
France $10.2M
Germany $9.0M
India $8.5M
Thailand $7.3M
Other $96.2M
Total $345.2M


Tuesday Report: Disney reports Captain Marvel added $10.9 million at the domestic box office on Monday, reaching a four-day stateside total of $164.3 million.

Internationally, the film earned $22.4 million on yesterday, bringing the overseas cume to $325.6 million and the overall global sum to $490 million. Today (Tuesday) will see the blockbuster release eclipse the $500 million threshold.

Across all 21 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise officially crossed $18 billion in global box office earnings with yesterday’s performance.

On the domestic front, Captain Marvel‘s 72 percent decline from Sunday’s $38.85 million was expected as there are no major holidays in play right now. Spring Break could aid its mid-week daily holds over the course of the next few weeks, though.

The film’s $164.3 million four-day sum includes what was the third best March debut of all time ($153.4 million). Against similar titles, that stacks up:

  • 32 percent behind Black Panther ($242.2 million through Presidents Day)
  • 25 percent ahead of Thor: Ragnarok ($131.0 million)
  • 43 percent ahead of Wonder Woman ($115.0 million)
  • 5 percent ahead of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($156.4 million)
  • 5 percent behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ($172.7 million)
  • 80 percent ahead of Doctor Strange ($91.3 million)
  • 9 percent behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($181.05 million)
  • 0.6 percent ahead of The Hunger Games ($163.4 million)

International totals are as follows, with Japan slated to open March 15:

Cume to Date