CES+ Retrofits Marcus Theatres with Dolby Atmos Systems

CES+ has retrofitted two Georgia-based Marcus Theatres auditoriums with complete Dolby Atmos systems. The theaters are located in Horizon Village Cinema in Suwanee, GA and Roswell Cinema in Roswell, GA.

“We were able to convert two auditoriums to Dolby Atmos in only three weeks in order to complete the project before the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which was a tight deadline to meet,” explained Alex Younger, CES+ chief executive officer. “From project design inception, we began to value engineer a proposal that was farther outside the box than any other provider bidding these Atmos projects. This is the primary reason CES+ was able to win two out of three bids because we always stick to our values and help our customers by building long term relationships. And that is what prevailed here.”

Younger continued, “From design inception to fully commissioned Dolby Atmos rooms, CES+ can manage both with our in-house resources. We provided engineering and architecture design, Dolby Commissioning services, Dolby DART approvals, project management, drape work, and on-site techs to hang and EQ the Dolby sound Equipment.”

“CES+ did a good job, as always, completing the project in a very short timeframe,” said Marcus Theatres Senior Vice President of Operations Mark Gramz.

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