CIELO announces groundbreaking launch of CIELO Rescue, first-ever AI self-healing product for the cinema industry


Miami, FL, USA – October 22, 2018 – CIELO, the leading platform in analytics, remote monitoring and automated support for the cinema industry, launched CIELO Rescue, the latest addition to its innovative suite of digital products that offer cinema owners the maximum visibility and control of their theater operations. CIELO Rescue is the first tool in the industry with self-healing capabilities for theater equipment, a groundbreaking step towards cinema automation.

CIELO Rescue uses artificial intelligence (AI) to integrate analytics, monitoring and operational performance data to enable cinema systems to fix themselves from potential show-stopping technical issues without the need for human intervention. This one-of-a-kind new feature represents a major breakthrough in the cinema industry and in the Machine 2 Machine (M2M) space as it is the first time that exhibitors can totally rely on an automated machine process to not only diagnose but also repair technical problems at their theaters.

“We are very excited to unveil this cutting-edge technology and remain an industry pioneer that is committed to developing only first-rate digital solutions,” said Guillermo Younger Jr., CEO of CIELO. “CIELO Rescue will provide the next level of efficiency and automated control for our clients, as self-healing machines now have the capacity to create substantial operational cost savings and increase customers’ profitability.”

CIELO Rescue has been rolled out to over 12,000 screens that are on the CIELO platform worldwide.  Within the first 24 hours of launch, CIELO Rescue avoided several dozens of potential lost shows for exhibitors as the tool automatically diagnosed and repaired the technical problems prior to any human intervention. Therefore, CIELO Rescue not only generates operational cost-savings but also prevents profit loss from possible cancelled shows.

Based on clients’ data, CIELO has generated approximate ROIs of five to ten times its cost, and with the addition of CIELO Rescue, the company expects that number to double conservatively as CIELO continues its quest for full automation across all screens.

Lance Gil, International Sales & Channel Manager at CIELO said, “With CIELO Rescue we are currently turning the corner into automation in a move that will set the precedent for fully autonomous circuits in the very near future”.

CIELO Rescue is powered by a sophisticated rules engine that analyzes incoming technical issues and determines if a show’s playback has been affected, leading to a potential show interruption. The equipment will then jump into action to self-heal using CIELO Rescue’s technology only if all rules are met. 

As of release, CIELO Rescue has saved an average of 124 shows per week across the CIELO platform, indicating a projection of approximately over 6,000 saved shows in one year. This accounts for an estimate exhibitors’ savings of over $3.5M USD.

CIELO revolutionized the movie industry when it launched in 2015, marking a turning point in theater operations as exhibitors joined the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

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