Cielo Debuts Free Management Tool at ShowEast

Cielo, a leader in cinema device monitoring and data analytics, unveiled today at ShowEast a new and enhanced version of its Cielo Management Tool.

The company’s announcement was accompanied by the release of a new free category within the Cielo platform. The free services include circuit-wide lamp/laser, RAID monitoring and alerting. All free subscriptions also include a 30-day free trial of Cielo’s Enterprise tier. After trial expiration, users are welcome to upgrade to the Enterprise or Professional tiers at any time.

Cielo aims to continue enhancing its service within the cinema industry by introducing new tiers of its higher-end products that include real-time equipment monitoring, advanced analytics with forecasting, and Director, Cielo’s ticketing-style management module in the Professional tier. Enterprise,  Cielo’s top-of-the-line offering, includes all of Professional’s capabilities plus automation and control features such as the fully automated Cielo Rescue Suite, Enterprise server and device monitoring, remote equipment upgrades, remote control of DCI servers, LMS/TMS, cloud toolbox, and active directory integration. Enterprise is being offered at a special pricing promotion through the end of the year if subscribed by the end of 2019. Visit to learn more.

“Innovation remains the key element in enabling our industry’s transformation,  and Cielo is leading the way towards empowerment and accessibility through IoT-driven solutions,” stated Rick Cabrera, VP of product and technology. “In a fast-changing world, where technology is key, making these solutions available and accessible, even for free, is paramount. This will not only create awareness towards Cielo’s capabilities but will allow our users to achieve more thorough connectivity. Cielo is uniquely positioned to spearhead operational advancement in cinema thanks to our development team’s vast industry expertise and innovative drive.”

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