Cine Colombia, Colombia’s Largest Exhibitor, Names Cinionic Exclusive Technology Partner Through 2024

With 339 screens across 46 locations, Colombia’s biggest exhibitor Cine Colombia agreed last week to exclusively use Cinionic for cinema visualization technology during the next three years, including planned laser projector upgrades. Cinionic is the cinema technology joint venture founded in 2018 by Barco, CGS, and ALPD.

“Cine Colombia has a long history of offering audiences dynamic cinema experiences, through our dedication to excellent customer service and advanced technology,” Cine Colombia President and CEO Munir Falah said in a press release. “We put our trust in Cinionic because of their solutions, people, and proven track record of reliability. Together we can provide outstanding cinema for our guests for years to come.”

“Cinionic has a proud heritage in South America,” says Cinionic CEO Wim Buyens added. “Today, cinema pioneers like Cine Colombia safeguard and elevate the moviegoing experience. By combining Cinionic’s dedicated local team and leading solutions portfolio with Cine Colombia’s passion for film, together we will deliver exceptional entertainment opportunities for audiences in Colombia for years to come.”

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