Cinema Technology Community Announces Free, Online Educational Event for November 26


The independent trade organization Cinema Technology Community (CTC), has announced its forthcoming one-day online event entitled, “One Community Day”.

The event will be held online on 26th November and will be completely free to attend. Part of the CTC’s Covid Response Programme, One Community Day will provide more than four hours of original programming focused on cinema and technology. 

“Throughout 2020, CTC has aimed to provide support to the industry at this incredibly difficult time.  From our Community Membership Scheme through to the range of deliverables we’ve made available, such as guidance for Covid shutdowns and restarts, a guide to drive-in screenings, white papers, magazines, podcasts and the Tech Talks seminar series, the CTC team has strived to provide vital materials to help drive the industry forward.  One Community Day is about bringing the industry together, to celebrate our togetherness even though we’re forced apart and to have a day dedicated to learning, knowledge sharing and networking all online using a unique platform that will allow the audience to truly network and communicate together via text, audio and video chat both publicly and privately,” explains Richard Mitchell, CTC president.

With a range of keynote talks, interviews, and presentations, CTC will be covering issues ranging from Immersive Audio, Series 1 and 2 Projection Uplifts, and Interactive and Immersive Technologies as well as shining a light on the issue of diversity in the industry as a follow-up to CTCs 2019 Women in Cinema interview series.  There will also be a special “In The Pub with Mike Bradbury.” In addition, CTC will unveil its annual award winners for 2020. 

“We’re incredibly excited about the event and our ability to harness online to bring everyone together whilst ensuring we have an event that’s truly accessible to all,” explains Helen Budge, Event Director. “This event is all about CTC giving back, and whilst the event is free, we’ll be fundraising throughout the day and encouraging the audience to donate, even a little, to two incredible charities in Variety and Medicinema that are close to our hearts.”

Cinema professionals can sign up for CTC’s One Community Day online by visiting

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