New Products of CinemaCon 2019


BOOTH: 2721A

Adaptive Technologies Group is a major global resource for professionally installed audio and video installation solutions. Adaptive designs are manufacturer certified, pre-engineered professional loudspeaker and LCD + LED display mounting and rigging systems for permanent installations and live performances. Adaptive’s mounting solutions are in demand, with pro A/V installation teams all over the world setting up both immersive and non-immersive sound cinema auditoriums. The company’s mounting systems are the answer to safe and accurate immersive sound installations. Its projector lifts (wall or ceiling mounted) and modular enclosures complement the needs of emerging boothless cinema auditoriums.

Headquartered in Signal Hill, California, Adaptive combines the talents and disciplines of Allen Products, ATM Fly-Ware, and Adaptive Video Walls and Displays together under one roof. 


BOOTH: 2018A


Alcons’ CRMSC-SRHV/120 reference surround is a two-way, passive-filtered, high-resolution surround sound loudspeaker. Featuring the multiple-patented Alcons pro-ribbon driver transducer technology, the CRMSC-SRHV/120 surround combines clarity and intelligibility with an unusually high dynamic range, offering realistic sound reproduction. The CRMSC-SRHV/120 system consists of one RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a vented 6.5″ mid-bass for LF reproduction. The HF section has a 500 W peak power input, enabling a 1:16 dynamic range with up to 90 percent less distortion from 1 kHz to beyond 20 kHz. The patented (120°) and patent-pending (90v) dispersion, up to 20,000Hz, offers wide and consistent coverage and significantly extends the stereo “sweet spot” throughout the room. 


Social movie ticketing app Atom Tickets is making it easier to go to the movies with friends. Users can quickly select the movie, theater, show times, and seats. The app offers a large selection of digital payment partners including Chase Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Users can also invite friends, and Atom will share selected show time and seats. At the theater, users skip the box office lines and go directly to ticket attendants to scan a QR code on their phone (or Apple Watch) to redeem their order. The Atom experience extends across the web through Atom’s partnerships with Amazon, IMDb, Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The Atom Tickets skill for Amazon Alexa allows moviegoers to buy reserved seats and use Amazon Pay. Currently, the Honda Innovation team is working with Atom to develop movie ticketing for their Dream Drive project.



MultiChef XL 

The new MultiChef XL by Motion Technology, Inc., is a high-speed oven that delivers. The vent-less MultiChef XL uses convection, rapid impinged air, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times, transforming your business into a food-preparation powerhouse. This high-speed oven is equipped with its own internal ventilation system, saving you money, as there is no need to install any costly vents or hoods for operation. With no hood requirements, the MultiChef XL is easily moved for cleaning or remodeling. It is easy to use, regardless of kitchen knowledge level. Simply add your food to the cook chamber, select one of 80 presets, and press start; the MultiChef XL will take care of the rest. 



Fun Zone

The only linkable licensed color-changing front frame machine, the Fun Zone has a three-point locking system and a slide-out computer area for ease of service.

Cruis’n Blast
The Cruis’n Blast racing game, developed by the Raw Thrills studio team, takes players through five courses in London, Rio, Madagascar, Singapore, and Death Valley at 200mph. The game is officially licensed from Nintendo and features immersive, covered cockpit seating, a 42″ HD LCD display, family-friendly gameplay, over 20 vehicles, and over 1,000 dynamic color-changing LEDs.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesis a new four-player action/adventure game inspired by the arcade classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time and based on the current hit animated series by Nickelodeon. Raw Thrills updates the action-brawler genre with new level creation, gameplay difficulty, pacing, and approachability. The game features 3-D models from the hit animated show, with characters voiced by Seth Green, Sean Astin, Gilbert Gottfried, and more. The cabinet includes a 55″ HD screen, illuminated LED buttons and trim, and four player terminals in a compact footprint. 

Injustice Arcade
Based on the DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, the Injustice Arcade allows players to mix and match 200 heroes and villains. Users get a free card with every play. The game has a 1,200-plus card capacity and thousands of LED lights in a minimal footprint.

Marvel Adventure Lab
A collaboration between Marvel and Apple Industries, the Marvel Adventure Lab is a photo booth that adds a comic book effect to users’ photos and inserts them within a choice of covers and stories. Superheroes featured in the comics include Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Black Panther, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, Iron Man, and the Hulk.



BuzzyBooth’s interactive photo kiosks help movie theaters by getting customers to promote your brand for you. BuzzyBooth can help boost a theater’s social media presence with its interactive photo kiosks, collecting all your customer’s contact information so exhibitors can reach out via text and email blasts to offer future discounts and promotions.


BOOTH: 313F 

Cretors Grab N’ Go

The Cretors Grab N’ Go cornditioner cabinet is the company’s tallest in a compact footprint. Two clear, full-length, soft-closing doors highlight snacks such as popcorn, nacho chips, and other crispy treats. Five adjustable wire racks accommodate many packaging sizes. Replace the back panel with two doors to create a convenient pass-through system. Internal air ducts located on both sides provide optimal air warming and circulation inside cabinet. The recirculating air system provides fast temperature recovery time after doors are closed. The internal LED lighting system creates exceptional merchandising. The temperature control switch can be located on the front or back of the cabinet, and the power cord can be located at the top or bottom. Rollers on cabinet bottom allow for easy mobility. Sign options include LED style, backlit, or customer-provided custom signage. 



Camatic Seating is delighted to officially announce the launch of its new website to help celebrate its 55 years of innovations, design, and performance. Having been working on the site behind the scenes for some time, Camatic now boasts a website with a new look and user-friendly navigation by which users can navigate the cinema seating industry. Camatic’s new website is also fully responsive and supports all shapes and sizes of smartphones and tablets.


BOOTH: 2814A

Founded in 2009, CETH Engineering offers state-of-the art sanitation using nanotechnology. CETH specializes in cleaning silver 3-D screens and is the only company in the world qualified to carry out this work with nanotechnology. Committed to environmental and water responsibility, CETH does not use chemicals and uses only 300 ml of water per square meter and a quick-drying system of up to 15 minutes that leaves no odors. In addition to sanitizing, CETH also revitalizes carpets, armchairs, and curtains. Its high-performance machinery applying high-temperature technology is extremely effective in removing gum, stains, and debris from carpets and curtains. All of its products follow ANVISA National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance and FISPQ Chemical Product Safety Information File Card regulations. 


BOOTH: Milano 1-3

RealLaser Projectors

Christie is expanding its RGB RealLaser projection family to include the Christie CP2309-RGB, CP4330-RGB, CP4440-RGB, and CP4450-RGB Digital Cinema Projection Systems. The CP2309-RGB and CP4330-RGB projectors are all-in-one systems based on the proven CP2315-RGB design and leveraging the 0.69″ DMD-chipset from TI. The CP2309-RGB will deliver 9000 DCI P3 lumens with a 2000:1 contrast ratio at a market price never seen before from a Pure RGB projection solution. Debuting at CinemaCon 2019 and available in the summer, this highly economic entry point to Christie’s RGB laser projection family is ideal for the first round of replacements to Series One projectors worldwide. At the other end of the customer-experience scale, Christie will be previewing the CP4450-RGB and CP4440-RGB projectors, the brightest projectors in its cinema portfolio, offering over 50,000 lumens at 5000:1 contrast and next-generation electronics. 


BOOTH: 2424A

Ciné Digital Service is specialized in the development of software solutions designed for cinema owners: CinéDigital Manager (TMS), CinéDigital Display (Digital Signage), and Ciné Office (ticketing system). After CinéDigital Manager Mobile Applications, CDM Mobile, and CDM Remote, with which you can control your TMS from everywhere, discover Ciné Office, the new ticketing system. Much more than a point of sales, Ciné Office is a global management solution for movie theaters, fully integrated with CDS existing software solutions. Manage day-to-day operations like box office, concessions, inventory management, loyalty programs, business management, accounting, human resources, and statistics with a simple and intuitive yet powerful management tool. This innovative software is a cloud-based and secure solution with no CAPEX investment: no server or software license to buy. Hardware installation is made simple with the possibility to use existing equipment. Ciné Office is a solution that is ready and compatible with online sales.



Cinema Solutions now has procure-to-pay solutions for small- to medium-size theater

management companies. Whether you manage one theater or 10, Cinema Solutions can equip you with a simple yet comprehensive purchasing and accounts-payable solution that works for your business. For over 19 years, Cinema Solutions has provided cloud-based procure-to-pay software to the cinema industry. During that time frame, the Cinema Solutions platform has evolved from a simple purchasing tool to what has now become a comprehensive solution that includes AP automation, reporting, budgeting, inventory control, and capital project management. Stop by the trade show to learn more about its small-, medium- and large-size business solutions. 


BOOTH: 2515A

Lucilla is a brand-new RGB laser lamp specifically designed to replace the traditional xenon bulbs on digital cinema projectors, enabling users to save money. With a power from 8,000 up to 30,000 lumens—scalable for all screen sizes—and 30,000 lifetime hours, it improves projection quality and reduces operating costs. Lucilla creates energy savings up to 50 percent in comparison with the equivalent xenon lamp; it is designed to be fitted inside the projector (maintaining the original projector footprint) with a quick installation. Two years of standard warranty is included. An extension up to seven years is available as an option on both Lucilla and projector. 


BOOTH: Milano 5-7 & Neapolitan 1-4

Series 4 

Attendees will have the opportunity to see the Series 4 in action at this year’s CinemaCon and experience the images, compatibility, and green efficiencies that this future-proof platform provides. Leveraging 4K, RGB-laser, as well as high-frame-rate, high-dynamic-range (HDR), and wide-color-gamut capabilities, Cinionic is bringing to market a new generation of projectors and media servers that deliver an exceptional cinema experience. The platform’s “fit & forget” model means that Series 4 will provide years of low-maintenance and financial efficiency. 

LaaS – Laser as a Service Description

Cinionic—a Barco, CGS, and ALPD joint venture that provides future-proof services and technology solutions to enhance the moviegoing experience—is launching its Laser as a Service solution at CinemaCon. The solution offers consistent guaranteed brightness and laser-sharp images for Barco series II projectors. The Laser as a Service showcases Cinionic’s commitment to providing future-proof solutions and financial business models to its global customer base that help move the cinema industry forward.


BOOTH: 2817A

Cornelius Inc. is the choice for the world’s leading beverage brand owners, restaurants, convenience stores, and distributors. The company’s expansive equipment portfolio supports carbonated and noncarbonated beverages; iced, cold brew, and nitro coffee; frozen carbonated and noncarbonated beverages; juices; lemonades; teas; and so much more. By partnering with Cornelius, exhibitors will be getting over 75 years of experience, from self-serve to crew-serve and from drive-thru to smart equipment.

COMPANY: Creative Works


Game Up Esports

Designed specifically for location-based entertainment centers, Game Up Esports helps cinemas leverage the popularity of video game competitions to deliver experiences that every gamer dreams about. High-end computers and graphics cards, integrated competition software, custom desks with LED lighting, and a social setting set the stage for audiences to engage with friends.


BOOTH: 2807A

Give patrons what they want: an audio experience that will keep them coming back to the movies time and time again. Danley Sound Labs makes it possible. Its clients include the Las Vegas shows, family theme parks in Florida, and numerous stadiums, theaters, clubs, and arenas around the world, ranging from small rooms to stadiums. A director of entertainment technology for a large midwestern cinema chain offers a testimonial: “I’ve been working with cinema sound for over 30 years, and I’ve never experienced anything like a Danley Sound Labs system.”


BOOTH: 2715A

Digital Cinema Systems (DigiCine) brings solutions for movie exhibitors together in one place. Its belief is that technology should reduce exhibitors’ operating costs and release their employees to engage innate “value-add” activities. This year, DigiCine’s enhanced portfolio includes: media players giving a new lease on life to Series 1 projectors; tried and tested TMS software; an all-encompassing point of sale and ticketing solution; real-time data analytics; and customer analytics to drive attendance and revenue. The company is also featuring a solution offering predictive analytics aimed at measurably improving the efficiency of the global theatrical market through advanced data science, helping exhibitors make data-driven dating and booking decisions.


BOOTH: 2503A


The Dolby Cinema Processor CP950 is the newest innovation in Dolby’s market-leading lineage of cinema processors. It’s designed with more of the capabilities you want—and less of those you don’t—in a flexible, modular, cost-efficient solution. The CP950 supports the most seamless means of installing Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 surround and includes an expansion slot for future upgradability to Dolby Atmos (check with your local sales rep for more information), to deliver the most memorable and creatively accurate sound experience for your guests. 

Eisenberg Sausage Co. / Home Market Foods


Cooked Perfect Chicken Fries

Protein-packed and made from all-white-meat chicken, Eisenberg’s Chicken Fries are a menu item for exhibitors looking to expand their hot-food options. Grab-and-go containers are included in every case. Available in Original and Spicy flavors. All products are fully cooked— just heat and serve. 



C8 Luxury Recliner

Encore Performance Seating developed an innovative product to provide customers with the perfect sight line. The C8 Luxury Recliner is the perfect option for moviegoers. Its power headrest function, the first in the industry, allows customers to recline to any position and adjust the headrest to receive the optimal sight line. The power headrest was added to Encore’s flagship recliner, the C1, to provide additional comfort to customers. The addition of a fixed table helps drive revenue growth for theaters to support in-seat dining. Encore offers various options, sources the finest materials, and provides a comprehensive warranty with exceptional customer service and ongoing support. 



Entertainment Supply & Technologies is excited to announce a partnership with Xtend+Climb telescoping ladders. The reliable, lightweight ladders extend and lock seamlessly, compact for storage, and exceed the standards of ANSI and OSHA. The line comes in a range of heights to suit all theater purposes. Patented technology allows the ladders to lock a step at a time and includes a dampening feature for gentle closure of each rung along the way. Domestic orders get free shipping when placed through ES&T. The company is a client-focused design, consulting, and supply firm for the cinema industry. It specializes in complete FF&E, including custom and recliner seating, sound and projection systems, and concession and food-service equipment. ES&T is a certified installer for IMAX and all premium large-format screen systems. It does turnkey installation of all finishes, including aisle lighting, ceiling tiles, and flooring. 


Fandango has partnered with Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Snapchat, and others to reach moviegoers wherever they are—using the latest mobile, social, voice, and AI bot technologies. Messaging apps from Apple and Facebook Messenger have integrated Fandango so fans can access show times, trailers, and tickets without leaving their conversations. Fandango is available on all platforms, with show times and ticketing on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. To streamline the purchase process, Fandango offers digital payment options Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass. The company also offers PayPal Split Pay, making it easier to split the bill for tickets with friends. Fandango’s free-to-join Fandango VIP+ Rewards Program helps incentivize ticketing by letting fans earn points for purchasing tickets and receive rewards to use toward more movies. Fans who link theater loyalty accounts can earn both VIP+ points and theater rewards, accruing additional exhibitor perks.



Ferrara Candy Company has significant new information coming into CinemaCon 2019. The company bought Nestle’s confectionary brands in January 2018, placing candy brands including Buncha Crunch, SweeTARTS, Butterfinger, Raisinets, Nerds, Goobers, and Sno-Caps under new ownership with Trolli, Black Forest, Now and Later, and Brach’s.

Butterfinger Bites

Butterfinger Bites’ new-and-improved recipe will have a more “chocolaty-forward coating” with more of a “real milk” flavor profile. In addition, the candy bar’s filling will upgrade its peanut roasting process, resulting in a stronger peanut flavor, and ditch artificial preservatives, including TBHQ. Stop by the Ferrara Candy Company’s booth (#419F) for a sample.

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, with a dual flavor and dual color, are an offbeat and on-trend sour chewy candy treat, the number one brand in non-chocolate peg.

Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears

Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears are made with organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, fruit juice, and all-natural colors and flavors. These gluten-free snacks are made in the USA. 


BOOTH: 2213A

Figueras’s Made to Measure division responds to the growing demand in the high-end seating market for product personalization. The Figueras’s Hollywood model is a comfortable seat, designed for use in high-level VIP rooms. As an example, at Reel Cinemas in Dubai, Figueras has taken the Hollywood 5400 to the highest standard with three independent motors and a maximum level of comfort and design, including accessories. Figueras offers lots of opportunities worth exploring when it comes to an elevated viewing experience in movie theaters. 


The average Filmgrail cinema app user visits their local cinema twice as often as the national average. Through an individual customizable app, Filmgrail gives cinema operators and cinema chains around the world access to the latest in engagement technology to drive more frequent visitors to their respective cinemas. Filmgrail is able to achieve this by using a mix of editorial and user-generated content, as well as artificial intelligence, to ensure that users return to engage with trailers, events, and news several times a week. Each app is branded for the individual cinema and comes with built-in marketing automation that ensures cinemagoers never miss a movie they might want to watch. They also provide concessions preordering, advertisement, sponsorships, and state-of-the-art loyalty schemes.


BOOTH: 2823A

A new entry in the field of immersive seating, Flexound Augmented Audio is a ready-to-exploit technology and business model. The patented technology complements current cinema sound systems and is easily integrated into a wide range of seats. It combines high-quality surround sound with physical vibration, creating a unique, immersive cinema experience. The technology offers equal sound quality in every seat independent of seat location. It also improves the clarity of dialogue and enables lower sound volumes in the theater. Augmented audio requires no wearable accessories. Flexound Augmented Audio made its commercial debut at Kino Mäntyharju in Finland this February.


BOOTH: 2103A

SR-5000 and SR-6000 Series Media Servers

GDC has expanded its SR Series media server product line beyond the ultrareliable SR-1000 Series, launched at CinemaCon 2018, to include the new SR-5000 and SR-6000 Series. With the new SR-5000 and SR-6000 Series, exhibitors can now play back content produced and distributed with advanced movie-making technologies to enhance the visual experience. The new series provides audiences with a unique and realistic moviegoing experience while offering cinema owners a future-proof, affordable, and readily available solution that realizes filmmakers’ artistic intent. Both series are compatible with the DLP Cinema S3 and S4 electronics and are designed with the same high-performance and near-zero maintenance as the SR-1000 Series. The SR-5000 Series offers playback up to 4K@60fps, while the SR-6000 Series offers playback up to 4K@120fps. For more information, please contact


BOOTH: 1028F


OH SNAP! is changing the way people think about better-for-you snacking, more specifically pickles and veggies. Sure, they’re cute and incredibly delicious. But now, pickles, carrots, green beans, snap peas, and jalapeños are even easier to snack on, with no added brine (no messy juice) and are available in convenient single-serve packaging. This brand of fresh-packed single-serve pickles and pickled veggie snacks is courtesy of fourth-generation, family-owned GLK Foods, the world’s largest kraut producer and a leader in fermentation.



Golden Link’s licensed movie concession promotions continue to evolve. Book-shaped tins and character-molded share containers are the newest popcorn-vessel innovations from Golden Link, a solution developed together with Ping Solutions. Molded drink bottles and double-walled cups, featuring movie-related figurines in the base, are retail-quality items designed for long-term use in the home. Interactive collectible toppers, molded drinking straws, and molded cup lids are additional opportunities to deliver movie merchandise to audiences. To find out more about Golden Link and its full range of promotions and concessions, contact Jeff Waaland at for interest and follow-up.


BOOTH: 2811A

Fortified Water with PODZ

Good2grow’s mission is to use fun to help kids consume healthier. The company is introducing Fortified Water featuring PODZ, their newest innovation in character tops. PODZ provides kids with the characters and beverage taste they want, and the nutrition parents approve of. These new detailed tops include iconic characters that kids can collect, stack, and play with. With hit movie properties like Trolls, Minions, the Avengers, and many more, PODZ is on top of kids’ want lists. PODZ can be found exclusively on good2grow’s 10-ounce Fortified Water, which offers a good source of vitamin D and calcium and is also sugar-free. 



Though popcorn is Great Western Products’ legacy, over the years they’ve expanded their product line to include foods such as snow cone syrups and sugar floss (cotton candy), seasonings and toppings, and now Sunglo jalapeño peppers. Stop by Great Western Products’ booth to try Sunglo jalapeño peppers at their nacho station. 


BOOTH: 2203A

Clarus XC 290

The Clarus XC 290 is the latest addition to Harkness’s premium 3-D/2-D screen family. Designed to work with all polarized 3-D systems while also being ideal for 2-D, this new surface incorporates Harkness’s exclusive d-smooth technology to deliver a visibly whiter and smoother finish with superior edge-to-edge uniformity, clarity, and peak brightness (up to 20% higher than traditional silver screens). This unique technology enables exhibitors to create impressive 2-D and 3-D presentations that in turn provide moviegoers with a truly unforgettable experience.


BOOTH: 2820A


HCBL-HS008L/C 3D glasses have been refined once again to enhance audience’s wearing comfort during a big-screen 3-D experience. It features a large frame and is especially suitable for PLF auditoriums. The glasses are compatible with the latest laser 3-D technology. Samples will be available at the HCBL 3D trade show booth during CinemaCon. HCBL 3D is the 3-D flagship manufacturer and solution provider in China, dedicating its unique experience to the entertainment industry around the world.


BOOTH: 2801A

High Performance Stereo has always believed that “Sound IS the Experience.” That’s why HPS brought the very first feature presentations with digital sound to commercial movie theaters in 1985—four years before the rest of the industry. Envelopment is nothing new to High Performance Stereo. Its HPS-4000 sound systems are known around the world for their clarity and immersive impact. Exclusive All Seats Hear Stereo technology and proprietary surround placement formulas provide full stereophonic coverage for the entire audience. When HPS-4000 sound systems are coupled with today’s immersive soundtracks, audiences will experience the full potential of modern motion picture sound. 


BOOTH: 2821A

Infinity Cinema Subscription 

Influx, a technology solutions provider for cinemas all over the world, will be launching a unique new cinema subscription program in the U.S. called Infinity. Infinity will partner with a nationwide network of cinema operators, seamlessly integrating with their websites, mobile apps, and kiosks, to provide a simple way for exhibitors of any size to participate in the program. Each exhibitor will also be able to control which movies and which show times are open to subscribers. Key benefits for subscribers include rolling over of unused movie credits monthly; swapping movie credits for food and beverage; single, couple and family plans redeemable directly on the cinema’s website and mobile app or on the Infinity website and app; monthly payment options; and the option to cancel anytime. Infinity will be available to cinemas in the U.S. in May 2019, and to consumers this summer.



Ultra Soft Pu

This new material is created from the desire to give the end user a “home-like feeling.” Combining high-quality components, Inorca delivers an appropriate mix of comfort, resilience, and strength while maintaining its reliability. Inorca offers a high level of customization; customers can choose different table options, deluxe upholstery, and special labeling (lighting and lettering). The company has a broad portfolio designed for different markets.



JNIOR Automation Controller

INTEG, a leading automation supplier for the digital cinema industry, is celebrating its 20th year in business. The INTEG JNIOR Automation Controller is currently on its fourth generation and continues to provide increased capability and benefits to its users. New and enhanced software and hardware is continuously in progress to meet the changing needs of the cinema industry. The JNIOR can provide automatic control for a variety of cinema equipment via internal relays, expansion modules, and network connections. User-friendly and easy-to-configure software makes the JNIOR a flexible tool to meet the most demanding of needs. The company offers fast and courteous support on all orders.



Spectrum Recliners

Irwin Seating Company has been manufacturing theater seating since 1907 and continues to design and manufacture its extensive line of seating models and accessories in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Irwin Seating continues to enhance the Spectrum Recliner to meet the individual needs of each circuit. Spectrum Recliners can be configured and accessorized in many different ways to create a seating experience unique to a specific location and clientele. Options include center flip-up arms (love seat), heated seats, swivel tables, and remote operation. Test rides and new model surprises can be experienced in Irwin Seating’s booth at the CinemaCon trade show or by contacting the company at 866-GO-IRWIN (866-464-7946).



JACRO is launching a major new version of its flagship PoS online portal,, introducing advanced data analytics tools, its latest automated newsletter, and control for all the cinema’s digital signage. A new suite of reports includes new tools to quickly identify employee overtime and help eliminate unnecessary payroll costs, and an updated system audit tool provides an easy-to-view matrix of suspicious or potentially fraudulent user activity. Its 2-Factor Authentication uses the Google Authenticator app to help protect your cinema’s data, and a complete overhaul of its web platform,, provides theater managers with a good-looking, sales-driven PoS system, perfect for cinema owners looking for some extra horsepower to take them through the busy summer box office. 


BOOTH: 2216A

Founded in 1956, Jaymar is one of the most important manufacturers of upholstered furniture in Canada. With its strong reputation in the household-furniture sector, Jaymar brings its expertise and knowledge to offer large-scale manufacturing of luxury recliners for movie theaters. Jaymar works in close collaboration with many well-known chains, offering a wide range of covers, recliner mechanisms, and configurations along with various accessories. Thanks to its partnership with D-BOX, Jaymar produces recliners with the motion technology recognized all over the world as part of one of the global leaders in immersive cinema experiences. Jaymar specializes in manufacturing luxury recliners to offer complete privacy during movies and full-service dining from a swivel tray table.



Mott’s Unsweetened Applesauce

A healthy option made from 100 percent real fruit, Mott’s Unsweetened Applesauce with no added sugar is a snack or meal companion and a great source of vitamin C. 



Lane Valente Industries provides reactive, planned, and preventive maintenance solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and complex organizations. Its solutions are focused on providing quality facility-maintenance services through both self-performed and vendor-managed options. Lane Valente provides service in more than 25 trades. 


BOOTH: 2317A

4D E-Motion

4D E-Motionis a theater system equipped with motion seats and special effects—wind, vibration, water, and scent—effectively synchronized with the action on-screen. Lumma offers a comprehensive and skilled service for 4D E-Motion theater implementation: study of feasibility, conventional theater adaptation, development, production, installation, support, and maintenance worldwide. Lumma’s synchronization department works closely with Hollywood studios, programming some of the industry’s most impressive titles.



Happy Snacks

Market Square Food Company manufactures better-for-you, better-tasting, and better-priced cookies and animal crackers. Their single-serve “impulse buy” snacks offer a smart alternative to typical candy concession items. Importantly, their items have demonstrated strong results at capturing sales from the high proportion of moviegoing patrons who are currently not making any concession purchases. Market Square’s Happy Snacks brand products are nut-free and contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, or cholesterol. Numerous movie theater chains throughout the country have diversified their standard candy offerings to include this brand and as a result have been driving significant incremental concession sales.



M&M’S Hazelnut Spread Chocolate Candies 

The newest M&M’s variety launching in April 2019 features a creamy hazelnut center, covered by milk chocolate, and wrapped in the brand’s signature colorful candy shell. M&M’S Hazelnut Spread Chocolate Candies will be available nationwide in Singles (1.35 oz.), Share Size (2.53 oz.), and Sharing Size Stand Up Pouch (8.3 oz.).


BOOTH: 2819A

Zintra Acoustic Solutions

MDC is reaching new heights with Zintra Acoustic Solutions. Zintra absorbs internal and external sound influence to reduce the noise level in a space. The intention is for moviegoers to feel more comfortable in the environment, letting them converse freely without having to fight to be heard. Zintra Acoustic Solutions give designers even more creativity with updated colors, lines, shapes, and functionality, while remaining a durable and effective noise solution for commercial settings. Zintra is printable and tackable and offers flat, flush-mounted panels, patterns, side- mounted blades, Concertina screens, and ceiling baffles and clouds in a range of different colors. 


BOOTH: 2703A

New VR Content

MediaMation announces new VR content for its lobby entertainment system, the MX4D POD, including two interactive games, Jurassic World Expedition and Steel Cobras: Twin Gun Extreme Edition. In addition, it is now offering three new high-energy experiences, Ultra-Reverse Bungee Jumping VR, Alpha Flight, and Pinocchio—A Modern Tale. The MX4D POD, along with its complete MX4D theaters and cinema-based esports arenas, uses its newly patented armrest, capable of providing targeted effects to an entire audience at the same time. This eliminates the need for extra equipment while enhancing the MX4D communal experience. MediaMation will be announcing additional immersive in-theater offerings during CinemaCon. Visit their booth or contact to book an appointment. 


BOOTH: 2015A

Mennel Popcorn is a supplier of high-quality popcorn varieties. Although new to popcorn, Mennel has been a reliable partner in the food industry for over 130 years. Driven by a growing demand for the popular snack food, Mennel acquired a state-of-the-art popcorn processing facility in 2015. Through a partnership with popcorn growers in Ohio and throughout the Midwest, Mennel Popcorn annually produces more than 125 million pounds of popcorn. From seed procurement through packaging and delivery, Mennel has invested in quality control, food safety, and improved new hybrids. Additionally, the Mennel Popcorn team has adopted a collaborative approach to supplying popcorn to domestic and international food manufactures, concessionaires, theaters, and other businesses with custom popcorn needs. Mennel Popcorn offers four distinctive popcorn varieties, including Savory, “Reel” Hi-Expansion, Sweet-n-Salty Natural Blend, and Big Ball Mushroom. 



Mobiliario is bringing its dual cup holder to every seat in its Plus Series. The cup holder is pyramid-shaped and ergonomic and provides ample armrest space. Available in plastic or in a cushioned and upholstered pad version, it was designed with comfort in mind. Mobiliario is also introducing a new luxury recliner that comes with a special rail protection. The company enters CinemaCon 2019 with a fully operational second plant, launched in order to fulfill customers’ needs and offer a quicker turnaround. 



Nexgen Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures half a million meters of fabric each month. Based in India, Nexgen make fabrics for seats, acoustic boards, and wall panels and also supplies carpets (with customized printing) and vinyl flooring for multiplexes, cinemas, offices, hotels, and resorts. They work closely with PVR, Cinépolis, and Miraj cinemas in India and also have an international presence. Nexgen says its products strike the right balance of color, texture, and design, and meet international quality standards of the fabric industry like ASTM E-84 Class 1 and A (American Standard). They consistently introduce new designs and innovations to their product portfolio. Utilizing Scotchguard fabric, they specialize in IFR (inherently flame retardant) fabric. 


BOOTH: 2805A

Olea Kiosks will be displaying its family of innovative ticketing, concessions, and digital signage kiosks at CinemaCon 2019. The Austin kiosk is developed to bring simplicity to a complex problem: every theater looks different. It is a customizable family of wall, floor, and counter-mounting kiosks designed to fit into any environment without sacrificing a consistent user experience. The Austin is ideal for multisite and affordable to single-site theaters. The Seattle is the industry-leading outdoor ticketing kiosk. Olea’s UL-Approved Seattle model is ready to deploy in multiple configurations and colors so customers can quickly move through the line out front, without losing the personal touch of the theater.



Cloud Reporting

Cloud Reporting is one of the recent enhancements Omniterm has added to its suite of theater management products. While theater dashboards and mobile sales monitoring offer an up-to-the-minute snapshot of recent/current activity, the cloud-based reporting module provides theater management the ability to access time-critical reports whenever they are required. The online reporting tool offers a full suite of reporting options available within a head office environment, but it is no longer restricted to personnel having remote VPN access when away from the office. The reporting module can be hosted by Omniterm or through the theater’s own corporate website. VPN access or double authentication can be configured to ensure security-level access. All report listings can be customized to specific personnel with a “favorite” section, and each report can be exported to a variety of different file formats. Enhancements to the cloud reporting module, such as automated scheduled reporting and email options, are ongoing. 


BOOTH: 2809A

Gradus LED Lighting Systems

The Gradus LED Lighting Systems can be used to visually enhance any area, creating a safer environment. Gradus has a full range of floor and wall lighting products in a range of colors. This includes profiles for the stairs, row indicators, seat lights, wall guidance lighting, and decorative effect lighting for the walls and ceiling. Gradus is a UK-based company and is a leading supplier of lighting profiles in Europe and the Middle East, including to the Odeon company, which is part of the AMC Group. 



Paper Drink Straws

Packaging Concepts, Inc. is doing its part to help save the planet. New for 2019, as it expands its ever-growing line of concession packaging, it is now manufacturing paper drink straws that are “Made in the USA.” The straws are available in an assortment of sizes, wrapped or unwrapped, with plain generic designs or custom-printed options. All Packaging Concepts paper straws are made with specialty sourced natural materials that perform for the customer and the environment. As movie exhibitors continue to increase their concession offerings, PCI is there to assist with design, graphics, and delivery of quality concession packaging at an economical cost. 



Paradigm Design is a national architectural and engineering firm with offices in Grand Rapids and Traverse City, Michigan, and most recently in Phoenix, Arizona. During its nearly 50 years in operation, it has made a name for itself as a go-to full-service firm in various commercial and governmental markets. Paradigm also boasts over 35 years of theater design experience. 



Audrey A5

The Audrey A5 is a reflection of Partner Tech’s vision of POS. It is one of the lightest and thinnest (15.6″) all-in-one terminals in today’s market. A solution that offers industrial grade performance with high-quality design will make a statement in your theaters or hospitality area. Completely fanless with various Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake processors to choose from, advanced fast memory and storage options, with five years warranty, the Audrey A5 is a future-proof POS terminal that is built to last for many years. Supports up to three displays running simultaneously, which means that next to the standard second customer display a third monitor for digital signage can be connected via HDMI port. Furthermore, this all-in-one terminal with its VESA mounting options can be mounted on a pole or wall mounted.



Order Commander

PlexCall is a leader in push-for-service call systems for dine-in theaters. PlexCall Order Commander offers online, kiosk, and at-your-seat ordering of food and beverages. 



POG Cinema Advertising provides pre-shows that are fully customizable (based on your theater’s needs) pre-show programs for independent theaters across the nation. POG puts salespeople on the ground at a theater’s location to conduct extensive outreach and build out a customized pre-show program with locally sourced advertisements. The company also supplements local advertising with national campaigns for theaters that want both. 


BOOTH: 2207A

POSitive Cinema is introducing its dashboard module, which helps managers keep an eye on all important data and KPIs for each cinema, as well as the entire cinema circuit. Users can choose from a number of pre-set KPIs but also freely define personalized ones. Selected indexes are displayed as tables and pie charts. Color schemes and thresholds can be easily adjusted to individual preferences. POSitive Cinema’s dashboards are compatible with PC and mobile devices allowing for data analysis in the office and on the go. In addition, POSitive Cinema’s dashboards are designed to deliver key data at a glance, as well as access to deeper analysis as needed.



Eco Oven

The Eco oven is the most energy-efficient TurboChef oven and has the smallest footprint—only 16 inches wide and 22 inches deep. Utilizing TurboChef’s patented technology to rapidly cook food without compromising quality, the Eco oven provides superior cooking performance while requiring minimal space and energy consumption. The control system precisely coordinates impinged airflow with top-launched microwave to deliver product-specific results. Integral catalytic converters allow for UL-certified vent-less operation.


Since its inception in 1991, TurboChef Technologies has pioneered the rapidly emerging world of speed cooking. Its vision is to be the world leader of speed cooking by way of a daily-renewed commitment to deliver strong competitive advantages to customers worldwide. Whether you are a small independent or multi-unit chain, TurboChef has an oven to meet your needs. The entire product line includes rapid-cook ovens, conveyors, and specialty ovens made to fit virtually every cooking application. All TurboChef ovens are UL-certified vent-less and offer high-quality results, superior cook speeds and a small footprint. 



CounterSaver Shelf

The Proctor CounterSaver Shelf increases countertop space and provides customers a convenient area to place food while getting napkins, condiments, and drinks. Alternatively, cinemas can place napkin holders, straws, and cup lids in this area, enabling them to decrease the concession stand’s overall footprint. The 12″-deep Proctor CounterSaver Shelf is stable, ADA compliant, and underlit for visual impact, with storage space integrated underneath. 



Original Gummi Funmix

Promotion in Motion is bringing its new Original Gummi Funmixto CinemaCon. The product combines up to 60 soft and chewy shapes, flavors, and colors across six varieties. Varieties include Gummi Party, a combination of up to 18 fresh, flavor-packed favorites like Oranges n Cream, Gummi Cherries, and more. Exhibitors might also be interested in Sour Party, a blend of 16 sour gummies like Sour Worms, Crème Filled Sour Licorice Straws, and Sour Drops. Contact PIM representative Jeff Scudillo for additional information and samples at (201) 784-5800, ext. 6204.



Evolution Vinyl Seat Cleaner

The Evolution Vinyl Seat Cleaner is a concentrated, high-sudsing detergent that is effective in removing greasy soils like popcorn butter from vinyl surfaces. It is gentle and mild to the skin. Using it is simple too, with ProStar’s convenient Just-Add-Water system; simply fill a bottle with water, insert the patented cartridge, and attach trigger sprayer, automatically releasing the premeasured concentrate. To find out more about Evolution Vinyl Seat Cleaner, contact a ProStar representative at (800) 262-7104 for more information.


BOOTH: 2818A


Reduce plastic. Increase recycling rates. Decrease trash costs. The first step to getting paper cups and paper-based barrier packaging recycled is to make them valuable and easy for recyclers to process through their conventional recycling equipment. Pureco offers a new line of paper reCUPs, popcorn tubs, food trays, and bags made with EarthCoating, an innovative coating alternative to polyethylene that uses 51 percent less plastic and makes the postconsumer packaging easy for recyclers to pulp into recycled paper products. Unlike poly-coated paper cups and paper-based barrier packaging that end up in our landfills and oceans, packaging made with EarthCoating can be closed-loop collected, sold to recyclers, and used to decrease trash hauling costs. Together we can do our part for the environment by making smarter use of materials.


BOOTH: 2303A


The QSC CMS-5000 is a next-generation cinema media server that features onboard solid-state storage, exceptionally fast high-speed DCP ingest, dual HDMI 2.0 ports for alternate content, and native support for Q-SYS, QSC’s network platform for integrated sound, picture, and control. It is capable of JPEG 2000 DCI content playback at 2k 2-D up to 60 frames per second, and 4k 3-D up to 30 frames per second. Three options are available for onboard, solid-state storage: 1.5 TB, 3 TB, and 6 TB. The CMS-5000 also supports DTS:X (64 channels) and Atmos immersive sound formats. As part of the Q-SYS ecosystem, the CMS-5000 in Q-SYS Designer software appears as a component, providing full system interconnection, audio channel routing, status monitoring, and control. 


BOOTH: 2117A

Qube Wire allows an independent cinema, large chain, or digital cinema integrator to take control of its digital cinema operations, manage device details, provide FLMx data feeds to KDM providers worldwide, and see all its content and keys organized sensibly.



Radio Callbox

RadioBoss 2-Way Radios outfit your staff with rechargeable communication radios designed for efficiency as well as security. Keep everyone on the same channel or split them up. Optionally, use earpieces for privacy. New from RadioBox is the radio callbox. Post this unit anywhere you want to give a delivery person, staff, or customers a way to reach you on the staff radios. Just walk up to the unit and press the button. You can either speak right away or wait for someone to respond. This product can be used for a multitude of purposes including outside the delivery door, so you can keep all entrances and exits to the building properly locked. Also, you can put this unit by your bar, concessions, or box office to help customers get help when there is no help around. Another great use is for birthday parties: Put the unit in the party room, so if a parent wants to reach the host, they can do so with ease. The unit is weatherproof for outdoor use and works off three D-cell batteries that will last approximately one year. Available in green or black. Prices start at $649. 


BOOTH: 2524A

Touch Dynamic Quest III Tablet

RTS provides point of sale and digital signage solutions. The company’s latest hardware addition is the Touch Dynamic Quest III Tablet with optional built-in EMV reader. The unit is a full RTS station equipped with a scanner for advance ticket pickups.



Custom Branded Mobile App

Retriever Solutions, a leading provider of ticketing and theater point of sale systems, is introducing its new custom-branded mobile app. Engineered with a built-in customer loyalty program, the app is designed to increase revenue as it improves customer engagement. The app features a ticket-purchasing function, as well as the ability for patrons to accrue loyalty points directly from their mobile devices. A robust administration console allows theater management to message app users through the scheduled transmission of push notifications. Valuable purchase data can be used for targeted marketing campaigns.


BOOTH: 1018F


This year RoboLabs is presenting its brand-new product for concession areas, the RoboFryBox, a countertop vent-less fryer. RoboLabs researched the existing market of countertop fryers and consumer needs in its efforts to offer a new solution. Using the RoboFryBox means there’s no need to use expensive hoods and vents to expand your hot food options at the concession stand. Using RoboFryBox, you can easily cook fries, chicken tenders, onion rings, and more right in your concession area. The product accommodates the ability to cook two different dishes simultaneously. RoboFryBox takes up little counter space, is easy to use and clean, and is safe for staff contact since the use of hot oil is minimized.



PURELL Body Fluid Spill Kit 

PURELL Body Fluid Spill Kit, a single-use solution for food-service employees to quickly, easily, and safely respond to accidents and spills involving bodily fluids. The kit contains a comprehensive set of components that work together to prevent cross contamination, protecting both guests and workers from possible foodborne illness outbreaks. 

PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer

The PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer offers rapid kill times, including killing norovirus, E. coli, and salmonella in 30 seconds, and multisurface performance with no rinse required on food-contact surfaces. Also included: PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Single Use; Absorbent Blend with Deodorizer; head-to-toe personal protection kit; three medical-grade absorbent towels; large trash bag and tie; bilingual instruction guide and training video; heavy-duty hand-held scraper and mop; spill collection system. 


BOOTH: 2013A

ONYX Cinema LED Screen

Samsung first launched Onyx in July 2017 with a model measuring roughly 10 meters (33.6 feet) wide. Responding to consumer demand for ultra-large screens and business demand to drive higher profit and ticket sales, Samsung’s new Onyx model stretches 14 meters (46.2 feet) wide. The new Onyx variant is 1.4 times wider and features nearly twice the surface area of the original model, providing moviegoers with an immersive, high-end cinema experience. Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screens accommodate virtually any venue configuration while also delivering high picture quality, technical performance, and reliability.


BOOTH: 2221A

Severtson’s new folded shipping reduces international distribution of its industry-acclaimed Silver and White screens up to 70 percent. Severtson’s microperf screens offer multiple benefits versus standard perforation screens, which are the perfect solutions for 4k, 8k, 12k and even higher projection resolutions as these technologies becomes available. The SēVision 3D GX-WA coating provides the benefits of the standard SēVision 3D GX coating, but offers increased uniformity and brightness typically seen more often on 2-D white screens. The SēVision 3D GX Giant Electric Motorized projection screens were the first giant electric high-quality 3-D screens available on the market at larger cinematic sizes. Due to Severtson’s folded screen technology and coating, these screens can be rolled up and down frequently without damaging the screen’s surface. Severtson’s QuickFold Screens can measure up to 500 inches and are the perfect solution for situations that require large, high-quality, non-permanent commercial or cinema-sized screens. 



Shaffer Distributing is a leading supplier of coin-operated arcade games, redemption equipment, digital jukeboxes, and vending machines. The company is an authorized distributor representing leading equipment manufacturers in the amusement and vending industry. Shaffer sells equipment, parts, and services to a diverse group of businesses including amusement and vending operators, universities, family entertainment centers, arcades, bowling centers, movie theaters, resorts, water parks, and many other types of entertainment-focused venues throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.


BOOTH: 2025A

Sonic Commander LMS

Is your library management server (LMS) running on aging, unsupported operating system software? Increase your show transfer speeds and upgrade your storage capacity with Sonic Commander LMS. Sonic has developed an affordable and highly customizable solution to update failing LMS servers. Assembled and field tested by Sonic, the Commander was designed for maximum reliability and efficiency. Engineered to handle all available TMS options on the market, with several customized options for your preference. All units come with a solid-state OS, gold-certified power supply, and whisper-cool heatsink and fan combo. An 8-drive RAID bay allows for storage capacity options using 2TB-10TB drives to handle any and all content storage needs. The Commander is robust and was designed with both cost and performance in mind. Backed by Sonic service and a three-year warranty means having peace of mind.



Atom Seating

Spaces & Between’s cinema seating brand, Atom Seating, has come up with a new mechanism for its gliders. Now apart from gliding, moviegoers have an option to choose a footrest that can be stretched out and a backrest that can recline. These models don’t require electrical connections and cost less than an actual recliner. Atom Seating will also be featuring its new VIP recliner models, daybeds, and an array of unique accessories at its CinemaCon trade show booth.


BOOTH: 1016F


The Light Tape StepGuard System is built for safety, methodically developed for Light Tape after years of field testing. It is a lighting solution ideal for cinemas, auditoriums, or any venue where safety is paramount. Light Tape is completely dimmable via 0-10 dimming or DMX-compatible Smart Driver power supplies, has even illumination from end to end with no hot or cold spots at any size, and is built to be durable. Step and aisle illumination are the company’s specialties; StepGuard is built to order and supplied as a complete plug-n-play package, which can be easily installed. 


BOOTH: 2403A

Strong/MDI Screen Systems 

Strong/MDI Screen Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-quality projection screens for large commercial applications including cinemas, museums, and theme parks. We manufacture premium giant screens, 2-D and 3-D screens, framed screens, motorized screen systems, solid spherical screens, optical coatings, and custom structures for projects of any size. A dedicated logistics department ensures reliable delivery worldwide.

Strong Technical Services – Field Services

Strong Technical Services – Field Services is the largest independent cinema field service organization in the U.S. We have employees in every major designated market area capable of working on all types of projectors, servers, audio systems, and library management solutions.

Strong Technical Services – Managed Services

Strong Technical Services – Managed Services operates a 24/7/365 network-operations center (NOC) that is there when you need it. We offer a comprehensive set of cinema management services including remote support, monitoring, consulting, inventory management, and training services. STS also distributes projectors, lamps, servers, cinema accessories, and audio equipment for most of the major manufacturers.




Taste of Nature, Inc., the maker of Cookie Dough Bites, is bringing its new Doughlish Edible Cookie Dough to CinemaCon. Doughlish ships at ambient temperature and is shelf stable for 270 days. Unlike its competition, Doughlish is not required to be frozen or refrigerated. By using an egg-free, butter-free formula and the use of heat-treated flour, the Doughlish product was made with taste and safety in mind. The product will be available in 4.5 oz. resealable tubs with a handy spoon built into the lid. The customized tub is hermetically sealed to create a tamperproof barrier for consumer protection and to lock in freshness and preserve the product for nine months.



Tequesitos! manufactures, distributes, and markets a unique snack called “tequeño” in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Originally from Venezuela, a tequeño (aka “tequecheese”) is eaten as a snack or appetizer and has flourished in many Latin American countries. It’s a small stick of white cheese, wrapped in a thin strip of wheat flour dough, cooked to a golden crisp, and served warm. Recently, tequeños have made their way to the U.S. market. Tequesitos! counts on two manufacturing facilities, owns more than 100 stores, and makes its product available in more than 2,000 concession stands in the entertainment industry and 2,500 self-service points of sale. 


BOOTH: 2824A

Texas Chili Company has been making gourmet products in the historic stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas, since 1952. This year at CinemaCon, the company will be sampling its Old Fashioned Beef Chili in addition to its popular line of roller grill items. Its booth will feature samples of its Famous 100% Beef Hot Dogs, Jalapeno Cheese Sausage, and new Beef Brisket Sausages. In an effort to create a successful partnership with exhibitors, Texas Chili Company offers branded and co-branded materials to promote and serve its products.



With nearly 40 years of industry-specific expertise in planning and executing successful projects worldwide, TK Architects International meets each client’s specific needs in a creative, unique, and cost-effective manner. As a full-service firm focused on cinema, food service, and entertainment design, TK Architects offers all professional services in-house to streamline the process. Services include architecture, interior and graphic design, and structural and MEP engineering. TK Architects has unrivaled cinema experience including a portfolio of more than 175 exhibitors, 1,000 projects, and 4,800 new screens globally. Recently opened cinema projects include Fridley 15 screen in Waukee, Iowa, and Epic Theatres 12 in Mount Dora, Florida. Exciting urban entertainment facilities under construction like Malco Powerhouse in Memphis and Krikorian “Rupp” in Lexington, Kentucky, are opening soon.


TrailerVote has developed audio-recognition software that sits within an exhibitor’s mobile app, enabling a cinema operator to engage with patrons during the pre-show by prompting them to vote on trailers. TrailerVote provides the capability to retarget the patron who voted for the movie with reminders that can drive increased ticket sales. The TrailerVote solution can also identify advertisements enabling a second screen experience, so that coupons and additional marketing material can be shown on the patron’s device. When it’s time for the movie to begin, TrailerVote recognizes an exhibitor’s in-house policy trailer and reminds patrons to silence their mobile devices. TrailerVote’s comprehensive end-to-end solution has been engineered so that it’s quick to integrate into an exhibitor’s mobile app without the requirement for any hardware, Wi-Fi, or cellular connectivity in the theater.


BOOTH: 2525A


Ushio, a leader in the manufacturing of high-pressure xenon lamps today, introduces the Luminity series. Following the company’s long-standing reputation in market innovation, Ushio responded to the needs and wishes of its worldwide customer base. Luminity is the result of a substantial R&D effort that extends the lifespan of numerous xenon lamps with additional working hours between 100 and 500 hours. This reduces lamp-replacement frequency in projectors. Theaters across the globe can now improve operational profitability and TCO (total cost of ownership) of their facilities and safeguard the excellent quality of movies true to the xenon tradition. Ushio ensures full compatibility with all key projector manufacturers.


BOOTH: 2225A

Usit offers functional recliners and cinema VIP seating. These seats feature new functions, researched and developed exclusively for upgrading public theaters and cinemas. New functions are developed for different floors including slopes and narrow steps. A line of seats specially designed for dine-in theaters comes with an integrated call-service system. Theater managers can control all the seats in an auditorium wirelessly, making it easier to clean between screenings.



VIP Matrix

VIP Cinema Seating’s latest Matrix line of products is a direct result of listening to customers’ needs. Patented luxe foam technology insures luxurious, lasting comfort. Versatile design accommodates flat or sloped floors. Modularity for simplified component replacements saves time and expense with swap-and-go ease. Additionally, there is a range of custom innovative options designed to connect with audiences. The VIP Matrix product line features an evolution in technology aimed to provide higher profitability, worry-free maintenance, and an enhanced customer experience. 




Serve is a mobile handheld ordering application dedicated to advanced food and beverage ordering. Replacing the need for POS (point of sale) in the auditorium, it is designed as a dedicated operator-driven application for personalized seat service that negates the need for guests to leave their seats. Taking moviegoer orders from their seats, Waitstaff can immediately file food requests to the kitchen. The interconnection of Serve with other Vista software keeps communication between waitstaff and the kitchen clear and up-to-date.


Vista Horizon delivers real-time operational data insights that enable cinemas to make informed decisions faster. Stream data around a circuit in real time for insights and flash reporting, finding trends as they unfold. Store full troves of operational and activity data safe-and-sound and in full detail in the cloud. Discover the possibilities with clear and practical dashboards and self-service analysis tools to dive deep into the insights your data can hold.

Cinema Manager

Vista’s new browser application, Cinema Manager, places operations into the hands of managers wherever they need to be. Cinema Manager runs on tablets to free cinema managers from the confines of the back office and was built in consultation with cinema managers to meet their actual requirements. 

Vista Cloud Services

Vista Cloud Services looks after the complexities of hosting and maintaining a cinema’s infrastructure, ensuring security and configuration according to best practices so that the software performs optimally and reliably. With Vista Cloud Services, Vista proactively monitors the applications and infrastructure, triggering issue investigation and resolution through automated alerting of Vista personnel when necessary.

Digital Channels

Vista’s Digital Channels create user journeys that move seamlessly between multiple platforms; tickets can be ordered online, food ordered on a self-service kiosk at the cinema, and all picked up as one at the counter with an order number. Integrated workflows within the Vista suite have systems speaking to one another constantly. Food and beverage purchased through digital channels is integrated with Vista Kitchen modules to send orders straight to the kitchen to be made when the timing is right. 



Vistar creates customized programs for each property by combining traditional theater, frozen, and refrigerated options with broad line food-service and non-food options. When delivered, these products are maintained by our company-owned fleet—with refrigerated, frozen, and dry storage capabilities—from all our operations centers nationwide. Vistar has a wide selection of theater necessities ranging from popcorn, soda, candy, and ice cream to cups, lids, cleaning products, and disposables. In addition, Vistar has dedicated national account resources in the regional areas, ensuring support from its corporate office. 


BOOTH: 2121A


BOOST, a division of Webedia Movie Pro, is a suite of high-performance online ticketing products that help connect moviegoers and exhibitors directly, especially when finding show times and purchasing tickets. BOOST premium and innovative turnkey digital solutions include: websites, mobile applications, CRM, voice AI integration, and online ticketing solutions for thousands of exhibitors worldwide. In 2018, BOOST products generated over half a billion dollars in box office revenue for theater exhibitors. 

Ticketing Solutions

Bringing show times and ticketing services to the forefront of search engines. Through visibility on Google, Bing, IMDB, and Facebook, we help you reclaim your third-party customers and drive online revenue with in-house ticketing platforms.

Website Advantages

Through fully branded websites, we create exclusive consumer experiences to drive moviegoer traffic, fan engagement, and most importantly online revenue.

Mobile App

Creating movie ticket sales on the go. Webedia helps exhibitors directly market to their core customers through immersive experiences, innovative AMP ticketing, food & beverages, and loyalty programs. 

Smart Email Blasts

Easy to use communication tool to create turnkey newsletters and announcements, with highly targeted lists, automated show times, and movie facts.



Veggie and Black Bean Sliders 

White Castle began working with cinema groups in 2007 and has since expanded to hundreds of theaters across the United States. The company offer cinemas an opportunity to expand their menus with its iconic name and a unique taste that has been enjoyed since 1921. In 2019 White Castle is rolling out its Veggie and Black Bean Sliders, a food offering for vegetarian and vegan guests at your cinema. 



ZaboFish is the only cash-back mobile rewards program in the industry. The ZaboFish white label is available for free on both Apple and Android mobile devices. Patrons can choose three levels of membership, including a free, cash-back option. Exhibitors can choose the amount of cash back they offer; other rewards, like free monthly movie tickets, roll over. Patrons can purchase tickets or concessions on the ZaboFish app and can load their accounts with money. An immediate cash-back credit is added to their account with every purchase. ZaboFish is designed for the exhibitor and can deliver new revenue through memberships. ZaboFish also provides patron brochures, posters, trailers, training, and more. 

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