CinemaCon 2022: Trade Show Directory and New Products Guide

CinemaCon 2022 takes place from April 25-28 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The trade show floor opens at 11am on Tuesday, April 26.

Image courtesy: American Cinema Equipment

American Cinema Equipment
KLA-2E Cinema Automation

American Cinema Equipment and Kimber Labs are proud to announce KLA-2E Cinema Automation. The KLA-2E is available in two models with eight and 16 outputs, both of which offer manual control switches, high and low current relays, Ethernet control, logging, and diagnostics. The KLA-2E is a reliable automation product that is quick and easy to set up with existing theater systems. Visit American Cinema Equipment at CinemaCon booth 2315A for more information, or reach out at or (503) 285-7015.

Booth: 2315A

Image courtesy: Apex

Apex Order Pickup Solutions
OrderHQ Flow-Thru Lockers

Give guests fast concessions pickup with OrderHQ smart lockers. Employees load orders into the open compartments in back, then customers scan their secure order code to open the door in front. It’s a digital experience guests love, increasing throughput while reducing labor needs. OrderHQ food lockers utilize software and hardware technologies that seamlessly integrate with an existing tech stack. Users also get portfolio-wide data visibility for order management, control, and analytics. Apex’s intelligent locker solutions help cinemas benefit from data and analytics to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency.
Booth: 220J

Image courtesy: Atom Seating

Atom Seating
Platinum Recliners by Atom Seating

The latest addition to Atom Seating’s premium line of recliners, Platinum Recliner by Atom Seating is adjusted with several versatile features considering the demands of cinema owners and their patrons. The VIP recliner features a spacious design and a luxe leather finish with high-density molded foam for the perfect movie-watching experience.
Booth: 924J

Barcel USA & Popcornopolis

Barcel USA manufactures, distributes, and sells a selection of innovative candy and salty snacks, offering a mix of unique, sweet, and spicy products to theaters. Top-selling brands are Takis, Waves, Stix, and Vero candy.
Booth: 1012J

Image courtesy: Beston

Betson Enterprise

From movie theaters to cinema entertainment centers, Betson understands the exhibition business and can help you reposition and rebrand your location by adding an arcade game room. A dedicated arcade area in your cinema helps expand your marketing reach to attract birthday parties and corporate events; diversify revenue streams and extend revenue-generating hours of operation, and drive traffic with new game releases and game room promotions. With more than 85 years in the amusement business and offices throughout the U.S., Betson helps exhibitors provide a unique perspective and guidance when it comes to showing you how to increase profits.
Booth: 613J

Image: The Boxoffice Company

The Boxoffice Company
Boost Food & Beverage

The cinema experience begins the moment moviegoers buy their tickets online. Why not include the popcorn too? The Boxoffice Company’s Boost Food & Beverage solution streamlines the purchasing process so concessions are just a tap away. This white-label product not only adheres to your brand, but also lets your customers tailor their experience, whether they’d prefer to pick up concessions at the kiosk or have them delivered to their seats, and even leave gratuity for service that keeps them coming back. Want to streamline your food and beverage sales? Drop us a line at to get started.
[No booth]

Image courtesy: C. Cretors and Company

C. Cretors and Company
Mach 5 Emergency Repair Kit

Stop unnecessary downtime with the Mach 5 Emergency Repair Kit. It holds 29 of the most common spare parts for Mach 5 poppers starting with serial number 1905XXX. The Repair Kit is easily locatable in a durable and sturdy orange toolbox. A photo decal helps to easily identify parts for repairs and reorders. The Repair Kit pays for itself in as few as three uses. Profits will increase by having parts on hand for easy swap-out of old parts so you can have the machine up and running immediately. Service costs will decrease because technicians will not need to schedule return trips after ordering the parts they need for repair.
Booth: 313J

Call Connect by Venue Valet

Venue Valet is a software company based in Austin, Texas, with a primary focus on movie theaters, whose goal is to perfect the customer experience for our clients and their customers. They achieve this goal through a custom-designed call button system or QR code technology that provides comprehensive operations and reporting software. Venue Valet further enhances the customer experience by providing mobile loyalty application development as well as state-of-the-art digital signage.
Booth: 813J

Image courtesy: Christie

Xenon and RGB CineLife+ Series Cinema Projectors

With the new Christie CP2420-Xe and CP4420-Xe, built with CineLife+ advanced electronics, cinemas will get the tried, tested, and true reliability they’ve come to expect from their projectors — and much more. The CineLife+ Xenon models also have increased performance, dependability, and the lowest operation costs in its brightness class. For big, bright, and beautiful visuals on 67-inch screens or larger, Christie’s compact all-in-one DCI-compliant CP4425-RGB and CP4435-RGB pure laser projectors with CineLife+ electronics and Real|Laser illumination will check off many boxes for theater owners.
Booth: Milano 1 & 5

Image courtesy: Ciné Digital

Ciné Digital

Ciné Digital is specialized in the development of software solutions designed for cinema operators. These include CinéDigital Manager and CDM Mobile App for controlling content and projection booths (TMS); CinéDigital Display, simple yet powerful digital signage; and Ciné Office, a global management solution for movie theaters. Manage day-to-day operations like box office, concessions, inventory management, loyalty programs, business management, accounting, human resources, and statistics with a user-friendly and efficient management tool.
Booth: 2620A

Image courtesy: Cinemeccanica

Lucilla-08K CP and Lucilla-10K CP Laser Projectors

Cinemeccanica introduces two new RGB laser projectors based on the well-known RGB laser Lucilla technology installed on DCI cinema projectors supplied by Christie Digital Systems. The new projectors, Lucilla-08K CP and Lucilla-10K CP, will be initially available during the end of September of 2022 for the Italian market. Availability for European markets will follow thereafter. RGB Lucilla projectors are designed for screens of small and medium dimensions (up to 11-meter base) having a light source based on pure RGB lasers, with a real life of 30,000 hours (100% full power), 95 percent color gamut REC2020, and a light loss, after 30,000 hours, of maximum 20 percent. The robust technology RGB laser of Cinemeccanica, launched about 10 years ago, and the quality and reliability of Christie digital projectors CP2308GT will make the product Lucilla-08K CP and Lucilla-10K CP an ideal solution for cinemas looking for top projection quality and optimal savings.

Booth: 2514A


CineTRAIN offers premiere employee onboarding and training solutions for movie theaters. Their theater-specific content and platform can help attract talent, increase employee retention and engagement, lower training costs, standardize operations, and identify top performers. CineTRAIN is proud to offer ready-to-implement content to get cinemas’ employee-training programs up and running immediately. A tailored approach, with customized content to match a cinema’s specific details, is an alternative option. CineTRAIN has 40-plus off-the-shelf cinema-specific training modules, a cloud-based learning management platform, and an organizational intranet with onboarding paperwork functionality.
Booth: 732J

Image courtesy: Cinionic

Barco SP2K

The newest Barco Series 4 additions expand Cinionic’s laser family with two new models, SP2K-20 and SP2K-25. The latest entries to the award-winning Barco Series 4 range deliver brilliant presentation in 2K and the benefits of a next-generation projection platform. The eco-friendly and low-maintenance Series 4 offers a reliable, flexible, and affordable solution. With Barco Series 4 available from 6,000 to 55,000 lumens and options in both 2K and 4K, Cinionic delivers a laser-powered solution for every screen.
Booth: Roman 1–4

DEEL Media

Since 2009, DEEL Media has been providing digital signage for the theater industry, including concession menu boards, box office displays, auditorium signage, digital movie posters, video walls, etc. — all integrated with enterprise box office and ticketing systems. During the pandemic shutdown, DEEL Media continued to strengthen their offerings, and they continue their commitment to the industry today.

Booth: 625J

Image courtesy: Dippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots
IncrEDIBLE Eats Edible Spoons

Saving the planet from plastic waste has never tasted so good. Dippin’ Dots has partnered with edible-spoon manufacturer IncrEDIBLE Eats in an effort to create a more eco-friendly environment. The spoons come in two flavors — vanilla and chocolate — and can be paired with any flavor of Dippin’ Dots ice cream. The durable, edible spoons are made to last through a full serving of Dippin’ Dots, then enjoyed as a crispy treat at the end. IncrEDIBLE Eats edible spoons are available to all Dippin’ Dots customers as an alternative to single-use plastic. /
Booth: 737J

DLB Metal Inc.

DLB Metal Incorporated is a multistate-licensed general contracting firm that has provided high-quality retail construction services since 1999. Based in central Florida, DLB Metal is an accomplished retail and commercial builder offering an extensive range of construction services. From national retail chain stores to cinema renovations and new builds, DLB Metal provides turnkey advice and expertise to enhance and complete projects on time and within budget. Having renovated numerous large-scale retail stores and commercial movie theaters, their focus is on consistency and delivering professional work services within an efficient time line.
Booth: 219J

Image courtesy: Dolby Laboratories Inc.

Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP950A

Give your audiences a natural, enveloping sound experience with the Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP950A. Built on the award-winning design of CP950, our newest flagship Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor is designed to deliver an exceptionally immersive Dolby Atmos experience in a flexible, modular, cost-efficient solution. Replacing the CP850 in Dolby’s cinema product line, CP950A is simple to install, use, and service due to its intelligent modular design. Existing CP950 units can be upgraded to CP950A with a simple kit. CP950A has all the features necessary to deliver fully immersive Dolby Atmos content and create memorable experiences for your guests.
Booth: 2503A

Image courtesy: Entertainment Supply & Technologies

Entertainment Supply & Technologies

For 2022, Entertainment Supply & Technologies (ES&T) will support a varied clientele of both domestic and international exhibitors who are committed to transforming their cinema space into modern, premium presentations with laser projection, recliner seating, and immersive sound. As a certified installer for Imax and all major brands of cinema technology, ES&T offers clients turnkey services for the creation of a cutting-edge and luxurious moviegoing experience. Integrated FF&E services also include concession casework, food service equipment, menu boards, lighting, wall draperies, and flooring. Through an extended, secure supply chain, the firm offers complete operational support with industrial and janitorial supplies, food service and concession equipment replacement parts, digital lamps, and projector filters.
Booth: 137J

Image courtesy: Ferco Seating Systems

Ferco Seating Systems
OPUS LX Electric Recliner

The OPUS LX is an electric-operated recliner with a wide backrest and seat, exhibiting luxury and ultimate comfort. With elegant diamond-stitched design and generous padded head- and backrest foam for neck and lumbar support, this twin-seat OPUS LX by Ferco is the crème de la crème of bespoke cinema seating.
Booth: 2407A

Image courtesy: Fox Blocks – TrueGrid

Fox Blocks – TrueGrid
Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms

Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are a new and innovative structural component for theater wall assemblies. With Fox Blocks, theater operators can save money on construction costs as well as reduce construction schedules. Theater owners and operators can reap better profit margins due to lowered fixed costs as a result of the massive insulating power of solid concrete walls sandwiched by continuous insulation. Fox Blocks walls also deliver enhanced acoustics, leading to minimal noise transfer, less reverb, and increased customer satisfaction. Happier customers mean customer loyalty and retention, which ultimately leads to better ROI.
Booth: 933J

Image courtesy: GDC Technology of America

GDC Technology of America

A sound investment: the new built-in DTS:X immersive audio solution featuring IAB support for the GDC ultra-reliable SR-1000 IMB and award-winning Espedeo Supra-5000 cinema laser projector. Currently, both SR-1000 IMB and Supra-5000 projector offer a built-in 5.1 / 7.1 cinema audio processor option for PCM uncompressed surround sound. Now, GDC is introducing a built-in 15.1 cinema audio processor and 16-channel decoding capability for DTS:X installations that support SMPTE’s immersive audio bitstream (IAB) standard. Additionally, SR-1000 offers 24-channel DTS:X decoding capability and, coming soon… up to 32 channels.
Booth: Milano 2 & 6

Golden Link Inc.

Golden Link delivers concessions solutions and innovative in-theater promotions to theaters worldwide. Established in 1997, Golden Link’s mission is to “link” the leading suppliers of concessions products and equipment to the fast-growing international cinema market. Since then, Golden Link has become the global leader in providing these products and services to over 70 countries around the world.
Booth: 624J

Image courtesy: Great Western Products

Great Western Products

Answering the call of theater patrons everywhere, Great Western Products expanded their concession essentials lineup to include food service–size containers of their Sunglo Seasoning Line. Keep your popcorn sales popping when every customer gets to customize their bag/bucket with their favorite flavor. Perfect for popcorn, pretzels, fries, and more.
Booth: 907J

Harkness Screens

At Cinemacon 2022, Harkness will showcase a range of smart solutions for theater operators including innovative Compact+ screen and packaging solutions using Harkness’s latest Smart Flex technology, a diverse portfolio of 2D and 3D screen solutions for every projection setup, including best-in-class laser screens and the brand-new third-generation Qalif Spectro. Harkness will also be partnering with airFrame to demonstrate the latest inflatable screen technologies for outdoor movies and screenings using Harkness’s leading outdoor projection surface, Alfresco.
Booth: 2000A & 2103A

Image courtesy: High Performance Stereo

High Performance Stereo

It only took 10 years and around $150,000 to perfect the original A-55-G. High Performance Stereo is calling this update the Stradivarius of new midrange compression drivers. The new A-55-G/2 delivers even more clarity. Distortion is below any version of this driver ever made — a significant achievement to say the least. The smoothness, clarity, and realism are simply extraordinary, sometimes even startling. All this while retaining a phenolic diaphragm — the most natural-sounding material ever employed, not to mention virtually unbreakable.
Booth: 2803A

Image courtesy: ICE Theaters

ICE Theaters

ICE Theaters’ premium experience begins as soon as you cross the stunning immersive corridor, where colors and atmosphere immediately awaken your senses. The exclusive panels placed on each side of the theater create a spectacular visual atmosphere through dynamic colors and shapes. Embark your audience on a journey beyond reality thanks to the revolutionary ICE IMMERSIVE visual technology.
Booth: 2617A

Image courtesy: Irwin Seating

Irwin Seating
ZG4 Spectrum Recliner Luxury Series

Irwin’s ZG4 Spectrum Recliner Luxury Series features a seat module that offers exceptional comfort with a deep cushioned ride. This seat works in conjunction with a proprietary recliner mechanism for a smooth “Zero Gravity Motion.” Spectrum ZG4 has received rave reviews, as its mechanism enables patrons to find their optimum personalized comfort and viewing position. In addition, the ZG4 recliner provides for improved seating density and several operational advances you would expect from Irwin Seating. Spectrum ZG4 provides more recline than previous models, enhanced comfort and unmatched recliner operational imperatives only offered by Irwin Seating.
Booth: 201J

Image courtesy: Jacro

Fone and Go

Fone and Go, the popular showtime announcing service, has received a completely new interface ahead of Cinemacon 2022. Now providing tools to update your menu and greeting messages from anywhere, cinemas can view call logs and even make, upload, and request custom recordings. In addition to being fully automated with your PoS (no more recordings) and answering calls, Fone and Go sends SMS messages for callers to share with their friends, offers multilingual options, and includes movie synopses on all major Hollywood movies, helping to convert more of your callers into paying customers.
Booth: 619J


Kinosys is celebrating its acquisition of one of the world’s most sought-after cinema point-of-sales (POS) systems at Cinemacon 2022, after an agreement was reached with Jacro for the cinema POS Goliath, TaPOS. Everything that the system’s users love about the product is included, and already Kinosys has started to lead the product with new direction and energy — a completely new mobile app, totally updated development environment, a hugely successful launch of all new pin pads across the U.K., and a refocusing of efforts to bring the best customer service alongside what was already one of the most desirable PoS systems in world cinema.

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Booth: 619J

Image courtesy: Krix


Supplying national and international cinema multiplexes for over 40 years and featuring in over 4,000 screens worldwide, Krix is world renowned for high-quality, high-performance speaker systems. Founded in 1974, Krix is the largest major installation consultant and supplier of purpose-built commercial cinema loudspeaker solutions in Australia. Decades of in-house research and design, incorporating patented constant directivity horn technology, delivers precision coverage and extremely uniform frequency response, bringing substantial improvements in clarity and definition to cinema sound.
Booth: 2521A

Image courtesy: LaserBlast

Laser Tag Equipment

Attract guests from farther afield and keep those guests under your roof longer, spending more money on games and beverages, with LaserBlast. As one of the highest-revenue and lowest-cost-per-square-foot attractions in the amusement industry, LaserBlast is the perfect fit for any cinema looking to boost their revenue by attracting more customers and keeping them entertained longer. Sizing starts at 2,500 square feet, with one-attendant operation for 24 players. There are no annual license or service fees, as well as zero percent interest in-house financing.
Booth: 224J

Lighting Technologies International
LongPlay Xenon Lamps

Located in Baldwin Park, California, Lighting Technologies International (LTI) offers digital cinema xenon lamps made in the U.S. and especially designed for the demanding requirements of today’s digital cinema projectors. Their high light output ensures optimum on-screen brightness, while a proprietary electrode design ensures high arc stability for sharp digital pictures. LTI’s LongPlay lamps have a longer warranty compared to standard lamps, with highly robust design to ensure a low total cost of ownership for digital cinema. Each lamp is customized per projector model to ensure optimal performance.
Booth: 2415A

Image courtesy: Lumma

4D E-Motion

4D E-Motion, created by Lumma, is an immersive cinematic experience equipped with motion seats and outstanding special effects: wind, vibration, water, scent, bass shakers, air shots, and lights, all synchronized with the on-screen action. Featuring comprehensive and skilled services, including overhaul of auditoriums, manufacturing, installation, support, and maintenance worldwide. 4D E-Motion is simple to install and easy to maintain thanks to a monitoring system pack, provided by Lumma, to optimize and test the operation of the theater anywhere in the world. Lumma’s team works closely together with Hollywood studios, programming the most impressive movies.
Booth: 2414A

MAG Cinema / MN Mounting Solutions

MAG Cinema is the leading European manufacturer of professional cinema speakers and amplification, offering a complete series of mounting solutions branded under MN Mounting Solutions. For over 30 years, MAG Cinema has completed every manufacturing process, with final assembly done in-house. MAG follows a boutique approach, offering a full turnkey solution for professional cinema audio systems ranging from compact and ultra-slim to large and immersive screen systems. MAG provides a 10-year warranty for its all-inclusive cinema speaker system solutions. MN Mounting Solutions’ universal fit loudspeaker mounts and is designed to be safely installed by just one person. /
BOOTH: 2511A

Image courtesy: Mars Wrigley
Image courtesy: Mars Wrigley

Mars Wrigley
Starburst Airs Gummies

New Starburst Airs Gummies deliver a unique, soft, squishy, and airy texture with the same juicy flavors Starburst fans know and love. Different from typical gummies, these playful and fluffy gummies are inflated with flavor, soft to bite into, easy to chew, and won’t stick to your teeth. Both Starburst Airs Original and Starburst Airs Sour Tropical are available now with nationwide availability beginning in April.
Booth: 801J

Image courtesy: Moving Image Technologies

Moving Image Technologies
Moving iMage Translator

The Moving iMage Translator provides cinemas with a convenient path to ADA compliance, while enhancing the moviegoing experience and driving attendance to underserved demographics. The iMage Translator allows the user to select from a wide range of available languages, including descriptive narrative and sign language, for personalized utilization in either visual or audio via A.R. smart glasses with integrated audio. The affordable Wi-Fi–enabled system features include a single transmitter for all assistive features, a common receiver for all patrons (H.I., V.I. & LEP), optimum focal distance thru A.R. smart glasses, AES 256-bit encryption for copyright protection, no internet or cell signals required, intuitive remote operation, and customer smartphones/earphones can be used. To maintain hygiene standards the A.R. smart glasses are sanitized by a U.V. sterilizer for repeated use.
Booth: 2203A

Image courtesy: Olea

Olea Kiosks

Olea Kiosks will display ticketing and concessions kiosks in the Dine-In Cinema & FEC Pavilion (Booth 813J). Self-service kiosks are elevating the guest experience as cinemas look for ways to effectively manage staffing and operational challenges. Kiosks allow the guest to be in control while removing friction by reducing wait times and improving order accuracy. Current data indicates that a quick and easy checkout on a kiosk can deliver as much as a 20 percent ticket lift. Olea Kiosks have been tested and deployed with most cinema ticketing and food and beverage software systems in North America.
Booth: 813J

Image courtesy: Omniterm


Omniterm has launched an online concession module to enable customers to place their food and beverage orders while purchasing their tickets. Customers will benefit with simplified ordering, contactless pickup, and no waiting in lines. Food service employees will know what’s on order for the day and be able to organize their work time more efficiently and provide better service to more customers. Theater owners will love the uplift experienced in order value, ability to promote online specials, and the benefits of happier customers and staff. Come see how ordering concessions online will improve your order accuracy and generate a lift in food and beverage sales.
Booth: 416J

Image courtesy: OneDine

Commerce Cloud Platform

OneDine’s Commerce Cloud Platform allows theater guests to order menu items from anywhere — their seat, a kiosk in the lobby, or even from home before they arrive. Dark-mode themed ordering, glow-in-the-dark QR codes, and mobile-device payment ensure no disruptions in the theater, while order-status screens and cubby management streamline the order collection process. The entire solution provides a frictionless moviegoing experience for guests, all while reducing labor resources and helping you meet your revenue, cost, and satisfaction goals.
Booth: 125J

Image courtesy: Order Commander

Order Commander

Order Commander announces our next generation of service management and touchless kiosk solutions. Cutting-edge technology allows Order Commander kiosks to recognize and track hand motions when ordering, preventing the need to touch surfaces, along with tap to pay, minimizing the chance of germs spreading. Combined with Order Commander at your seat ordering, further reducing the need for in theater customer contact and reducing staffing needs.

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Booth: 126J

Image courtesy: Packaging Concepts

Packaging Concepts Inc.
Bagasse Plates and Bowls

Packaging Concepts Inc. is once again doing its part to help save the planet. New for 2022, as part of their ever-growing line of concession packaging, is a stock line of Bagasse eco-friendly 10 x 10-inch square plates and 7 x 7-inch (32 oz.) square bowls. These are the perfect solution for both hot and cold foods. PET-domed lids are available for both items as well. As movie exhibitors continue to increase their concession offerings, PCI is there to assist with design, graphics, and delivery of quality concession packaging at an economical cost.
Booth: 824J

Image courtesy: Paradigm Design

Paradigm Design

Paradigm Design is a nationwide full-service architectural and engineering firm with offices located in Michigan and Arizona. Paradigm Design’s passion for creativity, combined with extensive experience in both public and private-sector projects, have earned us national recognition. With both architecture and engineering in-house teams working together seamlessly, Paradigm Design is able to work quickly to expedite solutions to unforeseen project questions.
Booth: 122J

Image courtesy: PIM Brands Inc.

PIM Brands Inc.
Sunmaid Milk Chocolate Raisins

Sunmaid Milk Chocolate Raisins have been a movie favorite for almost 30 years. Made with plump and wholesome California-grown Sun-Maid Thompson seedless select raisins, drenched in pure milk chocolate, Sun-Maid is always a movie favorite. Now available in a new 5 oz. peg bag.
Booth: 618J

Image courtesy: PlexCall

PlexCall Dashboard

PlexCall presents the PlexCall Dashboard, a revolutionary new way to evaluate customer interactions and monitor the success of your business. PlexCall Dashboard brings the features of several products into a centralized theater management tool with a proprietary algorithm that allows you to make the most informed inventory and showing decisions.
Booth: 126J

POSitive Cinema

Self-ordering solutions are expected by your customers and can also increase profits. POSitive Cinema’s Self-Service and Self-checkout kiosks, Dine-in apps, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, and Tablet Order app can accelerate your F&B sales and reduce overall staff costs at the same time. They support various payment methods, loyalty, vouchers, and gift cards. The self-checkout kiosk supports cash if required and can scan I.D.s if you want to sell liquor. These silent sellers will never forget about the upsell or cross-sell, which eventually increase your sales and significantly boost the gross margin.
Booth: 324J

Image courtesy: Proctor Companies

Proctor Companies

Proctor Companies designs and builds custom FEC redemption counters that combine check-in and prize-redemption functions into a single area — so you can dedicate more floor space to revenue-generating activities and increase your ROI. Proctor offers glass cases for high-end prizes and a wide range of designs and finishes to meld seamlessly with your decor.
Booth: 212J

Image courtesy: ProSTAR Industries

ProSTAR Industries
Solid Chemical Dispensing Program

With ProSTAR Industries’ Solid Chemical Dispensing Program, solid chemicals are super-concentrated, so clients aren’t paying to ship water. One of ProStar’s 4.5-pound solid capsules equals 720 gallons of ready-to-use product. Solids take up less room than liquids while also being more reliable, easier to handle, and safer to dispense. ProSTAR serves theaters nationwide, installing the dispensers, training employees or contractors, and conducting regular on-site inspections to ensure ongoing system performance.
Booth: 519J

Image courtesy: QSC

Q-SYS QIO Series Network I/O Expanders

The new QIO Series network expanders provide simple and scalable I/O customization for cinema operators who need to easily add non-networked audio and control connectivity to a Q-SYS system without complicated programming. The QIO Series includes three Audio I/O models and three Control I/O models that work with the newer Q-SYS Core processors, including Core Nano, Core 8 Flex, and NV 32-H (Core Capable). These allow system designers to decouple the location of device I/O from the processor — for example, in the theater, lobby, gaming area, or anywhere in the cinema complex. All models feature a compact form factor that can be rack or surface mounted.
Booth: 2303A

Image courtesy: QubicaAMF Bowling Products

QubicaAMF Bowling Products
Fly’n Ducks Bowling

Fly’n Ducks is duckpin bowling reimagined for today’s consumer and investor. It utilizes the power of BES X Bowler Entertainment System and the EDGE String pinspotter to deliver the best duckpin experience and more entertainment for consumers — including new types of games for guests to enjoy, easier ways for guests to pay and get rolling. QubicaAMF’s EDGE String pin-spotting technology means operation and maintenance of the attraction is amazingly easy. In addition to the traditional length game, Fly’n Ducks is available in three uniquely smaller footprints, making it possible to fit a real bowling attraction in just about any space.
Booth: 517J

Image courtesy: RadioBoss

RadioBoss 2-Way Radios
RadioBoss Trek

The RadioBoss Trek is the latest entry in RadioBoss’s catalog of staff communication solutions. The all-new Trek is a five-watt digital-analog hybrid radio with a futuristic hidden LED display on the front of its outer case. The radio comes with up to 99 UHF channels, designed to penetrate buildings for full coverage while providing complete privacy. Free on-site trials are available. Enjoy a special limited-time introductory price of $239 per unit, including desktop charger, custom programming, and warranty. Audio accessories and multi-charger options are also available. Match your existing radios or start from scratch. Trade-ins accepted.
Booth: 133J

Image courtesy: Redemption Plus

Redemption Plus

Redemption Plus comes to CinemaCon with a now-tripled product line, plus award-winning redemption store design and merchandise training. In addition to a variety of prizes, Redemption Plus also boasts a growing design portfolio. “We take a creative approach to store design that goes beyond a planogram for product placement. We know how lighting plus prizes can do their best work to drive redemption gameplay,” shares COO Mike Tipton. “We are trying to push the boundaries of what has been sometimes an afterthought for design and space in an arcade (the redemption counter) by introducing new lighting and product showcase elements.”
Booth: 813J

Image courtesy: RoboLabs

RoboLabs LLC
Grand Robopop 220

Designed for industrial popcorn production, the fully automatic Grand Robopop 220 has a production capacity of up to 100 kg per hour (220 lbs/h). Users can control the turbine’s speed to configure the popper even for low-quality corn kernels. The machine is easy to maintain, giving full access to the chamber by removing the side door. Grand Robopop 220 includes automatic batch-by-batch operation and is suitable for both butterfly and mushroom corn. Corn kernels are popped in a vortex of hot air, yielding healthier product that is still crunchy and tender. The device is fully automatic with minimal operator involvement, featuring a direct drive turbine; no belt drive and bearing assembly.
Booth: 725J

Image courtesy: Royal Corporation

Royal Corporation
MotorScrubber Jet3

Royal Corporation offers the MotorScrubber Jet3, a handheld scrubber with integrated chemical injection to provide deep-cleaning capabilities up to 10 feet high. The fully adjustable jet at the scrubber head can be angled to directly apply solution to the surface. This scrubber has a four-hour cordless operation; the Jet provides you with portable cleaning to use virtually anywhere to clean hard-to-reach areas. It features a reliable high-torque motor for washing, polishing, and cleaning. It is lightweight — weighing only 3.86 lbs. — with heavy-duty construction. It comes with multiple brushes and pad for different cleaning needs.
Booth: 413J

Image courtesy: Sacoa Cashless System

Sacoa Cashless System
Sacoa Mobile App

The Sacoa Mobile App allows for clients to view special offers, purchase credits, and use them at any attraction or activity. Sacoa has recently added new functions to the Sacoa Mobile App. Customers can now receive emails and push notifications on their phones, as well as having redemption e-tickets loaded in their virtual card on the app. The app makes it easy for anyone to have a fully functioning card right in their pocket, which builds customer loyalty. A customized app, it is developed for each operator with their own look and feel.
Booth: 629J

Image courtesy: Severtson Screens

Severtson Screens

Founded in 1986 and a member of the International Cinema Technology Association, San Tan Valley, Arizona, USA-based Severtson Screens is an award-winning global leader in revolutionary and quality cinema projection screens for both 2D and 3D viewing, including standard, microperf, and digi-perf configurations that are foldable for immense international shipment savings. Humble origins in the family kitchen have progressed to today’s modern campus encompassing multiple production operations with the largest in-house cinema screen optical coating system in the world. Severtson has remained committed to the principles of innovation and uncompromising quality that have made them who they are today.
Booth: 2420A

Image courtesy: Shenzhen Intela

Shenzhen Intela Laser Technology Co. Ltd

Founded in 2016, Intela is a subsidiary of a listed company in China, the only supplier of laser projectors for Wanda cinema. It has the first patent of embedded RGB laser technology in the world. Intela has installed more than 6,000 units RGB for the cinema business, which cover most of the projectors, becoming one of the leading providers of RGB laser light source in the industry. Intela is now open to exhibitor partners around the world.

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Booth: 2713A

Simply Right

For over 35 years, Simply Right has provided innovations in cleaning practices centered around our clients’ unique needs. They provide services across the United States. Client satisfaction is the top priority, with team members dedicated to making sure they exceed each client’s cleaning expectations every day.
Booth: 436J

Image courtesy: StepGuard by LightTape

StepGuard / Light Tape by Electro-LuminX Lighting Corp.
StepGuard Egress Lighting Systems

StepGuard is the only manufacturer in the world that makes both the lighting element and the profile. Using their light tape as the light source, cinema guests will experience no annoying on-screen glare as they would with traditional LED bulbs. StepGuard has a wide variety of profiles available to suit different needs, with step, aisle, row, and wall illumination being their specialties. Their system is built to order and is supplied as a complete plug-and-play package that can be quickly installed and controlled with ease.
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Image courtesy: Telescopic Seating Systems

Telescopic Seating Systems
Smart Programmable Compact Recliner

Telescopic Seating Systems’ Smart Programmable Compact Recliner combines minimum space requirements with maximum comfort. With TSS’s microprocessor-controlled Smart Programmable compact recliner, cinemas have the ability to program the recline, compactness, and ottoman and/or back control and integrate with building safety controls, giving complete control either in-person or from the theaters’ network. Thirty-six recliners, including seat heaters, can fit on a single 20-amp circuit. RGB under-seat lighting provides effects and allows cinema staff to see what needs to be cleaned; the system can be programmed so that only the seats that have been used for the current show or throughout the day can be opened.
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Theater Toolkit

Branded for your cinema, Theater Toolkit is a mobile-first website platform with streamlined ticket purchasing. It integrates seamlessly with your point-of-sale system and other third parties to unify the customer experience and manage your online brand. Theater Toolkit provides a big-theater look and feel, without the big-theater budget. Theater Toolkit’s product enhances the overall experience for your customer. A better user experience, quick and easy checkout, and search engine optimization will provide the upper hand with customers.
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Image courtesy: TouchMate


TouchMate announces a solution to drive incremental new recurring revenue and guests to your cinema with EVCSaaS (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as a Service), as well as programmatic digital advertising. Bring in new revenue streams by monetizing your parking lots, adding on-site E.V. charging stations can turn parking lots into profit centers. On the digital-advertising side, exhibitors can profit from recurring revenues by seizing the opportunity to generate ongoing recurring revenue from pDOOH (Programmatic Digital Advertising Outside of Home) advertising. Attract more guests and drive in higher foot traffic to your theater by creating a true competitive advantage.
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Image courtesy: Ushio

Ushio America

Ushio is one of the largest and most trusted names in the manufacturing of high-pressure xenon lamps today. Only Ushio lamps are tested, approved, and certified by all projector manufacturers including Barco, NEC, and Sony. The first in the world to develop a xenon short-arc lamp exclusively for large-scale, theater-use movie projectors. Xenon lamps boast a spectrum that is closer to natural sunlight than that of any other artificial light source. Combine great performance with an extremely long lifetime in a superior quality lamp. Visit to learn more.
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