Cinemark and B&B Theatres Break Company Box Office Records

Barbie, Courtesy of Warner Bros. Oppenheimer. Courtesy of Universal Pictures

In addition to the record announced yesterday by AMC Theatres, Cinemark and B&B Theatres have also reported new box office records. 

Cinemark announced that the July 2023 domestic box office performance was the company’s highest-grossing month in company history, corroborating the company’s sentiment that consumer demand for theatrical moviegoing is as strong as ever. Its record-setting July featured a wide range of compelling film releases.

“This month’s record-setting result validates consumer enthusiasm for experiencing films in an immersive, larger-than-life, cinematic environment is as strong as ever,” said Sean Gamble, president and chief executive officer of Cinemark. “As has clearly been demonstrated time and again over the past two years, a theatrical release provides an elevated viewing experience that delights audiences, increases promotional impact, builds significant cultural moments, and generates enhanced value for all forms of content. I’d like to commend our studio partners and the creative community for producing such compelling content, as well as our remarkable Cinemark team for driving these results.”

B&B Theatres was tickled pink over the box office performance of the unlikely film duo of Barbie and Oppenheimer. Over the last few weeks, the company set records for biggest single day ever (Friday), two biggest opening weekends and opening weeks (overall sales), biggest ‘Treat Yourself Tuesday’, and forth biggest single day (Saturday) in the 99-year history of the family-owned company. 

B&B Theatres added, “The performance of these titles coupled with strong holdover content provides a powerful reminder of and testament to the unifying magic and staggering cultural reach of cinema. Thank you to all of our valued guests who helped to make these weeks THE BEST WEEKS!”

Barbie, Courtesy of Warner Bros. Oppenheimer. Courtesy of Universal Pictures

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