Cinemark Expands Relationship with Electric-Vehicle Charging Station Provider Volta

The Cinemark Jacksonville Atlantic North and XD theater. (Photo: Business Wire)

Cinemark is expanding its relationship with Volta Inc., which provides electric vehicle (EV) charging networks to businesses, it was announced today.

“Cinemark is greatly looking forward to continuing to serve our communities through our partnership with Volta,” said Art Justice, Cinemark vice president of energy and sustainability. “We already have installed approximately 100 stations across our domestic circuit, and, by increasing our electric vehicle charging capacity, can be more than just an entertainment destination for our guests. We are eager to continue growing our relationship with Volta to allow more moviegoers the chance to charge their vehicles while enjoying the immersive, cinematic experience.”

Cinemark customers have been charging their electric vehicles at select Cinemark locations since 2018 when the exhibitor installed its first EV charging location. The charging stations boast digital screens that allow Cinemark to feature theater updates, upcoming films, concessions and onsite events.

“Volta’s partnership with Cinemark is a sign of significant progress towards our mission to meet EV drivers at the places they love to go,” added Scott Mercer, founder and CEO of Volta. “This is an opportunity to provide a meaningful charging experience to EV drivers at locations where they already plan to spend a substantial amount of time, which ultimately translates to customers understanding that charging infrastructure can be a convenient, accessible and reliable service that is part of everyday life.”

Volta charging stations have an average on-site charging time of 105 minutes. Nearly 100 have already been installed at Cinemark locations, where nearly 1.2 million electric miles have been powered to date, according to a press release. The release estimates that over 27,000 gallons of gasoline — amounting to approximately 53,500 pounds of CO2 — have been saved as a result.

The press release notes that the above numbers were arrived at in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) methodology using the federal agency’s published greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator. Miles per kWh calculation assumes a weighted average, using the US Department of Energy’s published miles per kWh rating per electric vehicle (EV) model, multiplied against each model’s market share among EVs based on IHS-Markit’s quarterly vehicle-in-operation report.

The Cinemark Jacksonville Atlantic North and XD theater. (Photo: Business Wire)

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