Cinionic Adds Three-Month Extension to Existing Warranties

In a move of assistance and support during this challenging time, Cinionic CEO Wim Buyens has announced that existing warranties on Cinionic projectors have been extended by three months.

Both the standard two-year product warranty and the extended warranty and maintenance contract will be extended, as long as they were active as of April 1, 2020. Three months will automatically be added to the end of the warranty, whenever that happens to be. Series 4 projectors are included.

“We are very committed to this industry, and we do believe that this industry will flourish again. We just have to help each other as industry leaders to get through this period. We want to contribute, and for that we have decided to extend the warranty period at a time when cinemas are closed,” says Buyens.

Cinionic has released an FAQ with more detailed information about how the extended warranty affects monthly vs quarterly billing cycles and how the warranty extension comes into play for projectors that have been shipped but not yet received, among other information.

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