Classic Cinemas and UEC Theatres Make Sound Investment with GDC Technology featuring DTS:X Immersive Sound



Classic Cinemas and UEC Theatres Make Sound Investment with GDC Technology featuring DTS:X Immersive Sound

Classic Cinemas Charlestown in St. Charles (IL) and UEC Theatres 14 Cleveland (TN) install future-proof audio technologies for audiences to experience movies in realistic, rich immersive sound

LAS VEGAS, April 13, 2016 — GDC Technology Limited, a world-leading digital cinema solutions provider, announced today at CinemaCon 2016 that two of the most innovative theatre circuits in the nation have installed immersive audio technology, powered by GDC Immersive Sound Media Solution featuring DTS:X™. Classic Cinemas Charlestown 18 and UEC Theatres 14 Cleveland are the latest U.S. locations certified to exhibit content released with a DTS:X soundtrack. As a DTS:X worldwide certification services agent, GDC Technology will be leading the effort to enhance additional auditoriums for both circuits with immersive sound in the future.

DTS:X replicates a real-world sound environment and transports the audience into a new dimension of sound immersion by moving sound objects to and through specific locations – in front of, behind, above and beside the audience – precisely where the creator intended.

The inherent flexibility of DTS:X provides exhibitors the ability to offer their customers a compelling immersive experience in their theatres, regardless of size or configuration, whether via an auditorium upgrade or in new construction. Combined with the flexible speaker layout that DTS:X affords exhibitors and the additional processing power of the GDC immersive sound solution is now available and affordable to more theatres than ever before, large and small alike.

“We have always been at the forefront when it comes to improving the moviegoing experience, installing the latest amenities,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Classic Cinemas. “We have paid particularly close attention to the latest technologies in sight and sound throughout our long history. We were the first circuit to convert to all-4K DLP Cinema projection and looking forward to the day when every movie is released in immersive sound. With GDC featuring DTS:X, the plans are now in place to be ready.”

“At UEC, we believe in delivering the most innovative and advanced technologies available to our guests,” said Steve Ross, vice president of theatre operations at United Entertainment Corp. “GDC is one of our most trusted partners. When they demonstrated its affordability, flexibility, and amazing sound, it was an easy decision to select DTS:X as our premium sound at UEC Theatres 14 Cleveland. DTS:X combined with GDC’s new immersive sound server is a win-win-win for our audience.”

According to Tony Adamson, GDC senior vice president, strategic planning, DTS:X offers exhibitors an affordable solution for any size auditorium, not just premium large format auditoriums. “For 15 years, GDC Technology has provided the industry with a wide-range of reliable digital cinema solutions. Our partnership with DTS was the next logical step to providing a one-stop shop for exhibitors,” said Mr. Adamson. “DTS:X will provide Classic Cinemas and UEC Theatres with a sound experience like no other and set them apart from competitors.”

For more information about the latest GDC products and services, visit us at CinemaCon 2016 from April 12 to 14 at Booth #2219A or our website.

About GDC Technology Limited (
GDC Technology Limited is a digital cinema solutions provider. GDC Technology develops, manufactures and sells digital cinema servers, content storage systems, theatre management systems and network operations center software for digital cinema. In addition, GDC Technology is the appointed worldwide certification services agent, with exclusivity in Asia to certify DTS:X immersive sound auditoriums for DTS, Inc. GDC Technology also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps and silver screens. GDC Technology’s subsidiary, GDC Digital Cinema Network Limited, manages VPF for approximately 5,000 theater screens and 250 motion picture distributors worldwide.

About Classic Cinemas (
Classic Cinemas founded in 1978 by the Johnson family is the largest Illinois-based theatre chain with 104 screens in 13 locations with all but one theatre in the Chicago DMA. While many Classic Cinemas locations are historic downtown theatres, each has been meticulously renovated to highlight their character and upgraded to the latest technology to create the ultimate guest experience. Having received numerous accolades for business excellence, preservation, community service, and accessibility Classic Cinemas endeavors to be the hometown theatre of choice. For more information visit our website.

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United Entertainment Corp. owns and operates a chain of movie theatres and video stores throughout the United States. The Company mission is to provide high quality entertainment at reasonable prices to the markets it serves. United Entertainment takes pride in bringing the magic of movies and new jobs to communities. UEC Theatres is a Top 50 theatre circuit in the United States with 154 screens at 17 complexes. With operations in 13 states currently, from east coast to west coast, UEC remains poised for growth. Founded in 1991, privately held United Entertainment Corp. started exclusively as a video store chain and grew to 23 video stores at its peak. Meanwhile, the decision was made to diversify into the theatre business. The first UEC theatre was built in 1997 and the theatre side of the business has grown steadily since. We acquire, develop and operate multi-screen cinemas in small and midsized markets throughout the United States.

For more information about United Entertainment Corp. or UEC Theatres, visit our website.

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Since 1993, DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI) has been dedicated to making the world sound better. Through its pioneering audio solutions for mobile devices, home theater systems, cinema, automotive and beyond, DTS provides incredibly high-quality, immersive and engaging audio experiences to listeners everywhere. DTS technology is integrated in more than two billion devices globally, and the world’s leading video and music streaming services are increasingly choosing DTS to deliver premium sound to their listeners’ network-connected devices. For more information, please visit


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