Costa Rica’s CCM Cinemas Opens the Country’s First Theater with RGB Laser Projection

Courtesy of CCM Cinemas

Costa Rican exhibitor CCM Cinemas has opened the country’s first-ever theater equipped with an RGB pure laser projector, it was announced Tuesday (Feb. 2).

CCMS’s Multicines Plaza Occidente multiplex in San Ramón – the second-largest city in Costa Rica – has added a new theater with a Christie CP2315-RGB projector, as well as Christie Vive Audio speakers and Dolby Atmos. The installation was executed by systems integrating company Vidicom.

The Plaza Occidente multiplex opened in 2004 with three screens before adding this fourth theater, known as Alpha 360, which seats 140 people.

“With the proliferation of streaming platforms, Multicines Plaza Occidente was looking to reinvent itself and offer a unique experience that is impossible for customers to get at home on their conventional audiovisual systems,” said Guido Vázquez Badilla, president of CCM Plaza Occidente.

Badilla added, “That’s why we decided to add this premium theatre to provide our local audience with a refined and extremely comfortable new cinema-going experience thanks to the leading-edge cinema technology.”

The Christie CP2315-RGB projector (Courtesy of Christie)

In addition to the RGB projector and state-of-the-art sound system, the new theater boasts a Harkness Clarus XC 1.7 screen measuring 10.6 x 5.72 metres (34.7 ft by 18.76 ft) and is equipped for 3D with the X-Mirror system from GXM Inc. It also has stadium comfort seating.

“For projection, we were looking to introduce third generation digital cinema projectors, and more specifically, Christie RealLaser RGB technology, due to its spectacular contrast and colour to convey a highly realistic experience,” added Badilla.

The Christie CP2315-RGB projector provides 13,500 lumens and 2K resolution based on Christie RealLaser illumination technology, which guarantees excellent image quality and brightness that far exceeds DCI standards throughout the projector’s natural life.

Of the speakers, Badilla said, “These speakers, are a first in Costa Rica and are the perfect complement to create a 360-degree sound experience with great precision, balance, definition and comfort.”

The other three screens at Multicines Plaza Occidente have Christie Xenon projectors which were installed in 2013.

Juan Carlos Cotua Fiorentini, director general of Vidicom, added, “With this project we were looking to innovate in design and technology with a view to offering audiences a differentiated, high-profile and extremely comfortable cinema-going experience. For the Costa Rican cinema exhibition industry, this theatre represents a rebirth that will keep our film theatres up-to-date technologically speaking to compete with streaming, which is increasingly attracting more and more users.”

CCM Cinemas is a 100% Costa Rican company that was founded in 1967. It currently has 17 theaters around the country.

Courtesy of CCM Cinemas
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