Digital Cinema United Partners with Screenvision Media

Courtesy of Digital Cinema United

Digital Cinema United (DCU) has announced a multi-year service agreement with Screenvision Media. As part of the relationship, DCU will manage the distribution of advertising content at select Screenvision Media exhibitor partner theatres. DCU will install its cloud-based electronic delivery platform, DCU Connect, across more than 650 US theaters. This will replace the physical delivery of USB drives, with DCU’s e-delivery platform rollout now extending to over 3,000 locations globally.

DCU Connect is entirely free to exhibitors and only requires the installation of software. There is no hardware cost or installation required and the software installation only takes less than 20 minutes to complete remotely. It integrates with various TMS/LMS systems, including GDC, Arts Alliance Media’s Screenwriter, EIKONA and Cinema ACE.

“Digital Cinema United’s new partnership with Screenvision Media continues to show the robustness of DCU Connect, allowing for not just delivering feature and trailer DCPs, but also advertising spots and long-form preshow content to theatres across the US,” said Ronnie Ycong, executive vice president & general manager of Digital Cinema United Americas.

“Screenvision Media made the decision to partner with Digital Cinema United due to its scalable, cost-effective electronic DCP delivery solution, DCU Connect, which will provide an easy-to-use download application for our exhibitor partners to receive Screenvision Media advertising content,” said John Marmo, vice president exhibitor relations of Screenvision Media.

“It’s the company’s goal to provide Screenvision Media, our other distribution clients and global exhibition partners with a secure, reliable delivery pipeline to download DCP content to theatres across multiple territories around the world,” said Alan Christensen, chief executive officer of Digital Cinema United. “We are able to accomplish this with DCU Connect, a product operating on SHARC Technology.”

Courtesy of Digital Cinema United

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